Dog saved suffering from massive abscess

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We received a call on our helpline from a village woman living in the outskirts of Udaipur informing us that she had seen a street dog with a very swollen face and head.

We sent our ambulance and when our rescuers arrived they met the sweet boy whose face was indeed incredibly swollen. Rescuing him and starting his treatment was urgent.

After feeding him biscuits to try to gain his trust he still wouldn’t let us touch him, though he was obviously very friendly and was wagging his tail. Dogs are so intelligent when it comes to knowing that they might be captured so after trying to make friends for 20 minutes or so we had to quickly change tactics and try to catch him with the butterfly net before he got wise and decided to bolt into the open fields where catching him would then be impossible.

Still feeding him biscuits, rescuer Kalu Singh distracted him while Ganpat quietly and swiftly came from behind and swooped him into the net.

Once back at Animal Aid we put a needle into the swelling on his face and determined that it was, as we had suspected, an abscess. We then gave him sedation, shaved and cleaned the site, and lanced it open to let a copious amount of blood and pus drain. After flushing out the cavity left by the abscess, we made a larger incision, inserted a drainage tube and then stitched it back up.

In just two weeks, he had fully healed and is now so handsome and happy!

Thank you for supporting our rescues and helping us save lives.

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  • Thayal

    Well done guys. I have just donated. Keep up the good work.

  • Fiona

    May God bless you

  • David Newton

    I have watched many of your videos and your people do a wonderful job looking after these street dogs. In such a harsh environment it is heartwarming to see the compassion shown to these animals by your staff, long may it continue. I would like to donate but as a low paid pensioner I have very little to give other than my thanks for looking after these poor animals.Please keep up this great work.



  • esha

    support what you guys are doing!! just donated!!

  • Susan Lindauer

    Many blessings to your extraordinary & loving rescue teams. I strongly urge you to contact the HARMONY FUND in the United States. They provide financial support to international rescue groups all over the world, especially those providing medical assistance and long term care to animals. They should be very helpful to you!

  • terence turner

    I can only contribute when I have spare money from my pension,wish it was more,tremendous work. Thank You all

  • Ram Prakash

    Is this organisation working in India, if so please provide me contact details, if not to start the Animal Aid organisation in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, please let me know the details. You can reach me on mobile 97030 57701.

  • Janki

    God bless you ……..for the wonderful work…..can you please let me know if animal aid is functioning in Gujarat?

  • Patricia

    You are angels on earth. thank you for all you do. you take the most sick and vulnerable and change their lives. You restore my faith in humanity.

  • Clare

    Donated. Your videos made me cry and smile at the same time. Amazing work you are doing. I hope you get great support worldwide x you are all incredible 🙂

  • Raviraj

    your work is great, and i appreciate it a lot. One suggestion though, kindly add a payment gateway option for Indian currency donation if it is possible to do so.

  • Jan

    It is amazing how you accomplish so much with so little. Every penny donated to you is well-spent.

  • Giuliana

    Can I help you when I’m grown up?

  • Janine Amano

    Tears are running by this videos! Donation is done! Very good work, guys!!!!!

  • Emma

    Did the dog find a home?

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