Dog saved from wire tied like a tourniquet around leg and healed

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We got a call on our helpline for a street dog whose paw was swollen to almost double the size because of a piece of clutch wire tied so tightly around his leg that it was just hours before he would have been at high risk of losing his whole paw due to irreparable damage from lack of circulation.

We believe the wire was not tied intentionally but that he somehow got his leg caught in the wire that was being used to close a makeshift door to a house in the neighborhood he lives.

This small mishap could have cost him his life without immediate rescue and medical treatment. Without help, his paw would have very likely become necrotic within just a few days and he would have needed a full limb amputation to save his life.

Thank you for donating to Animal Aid to save the lives of street animals in India.

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  • Judith Mitchell

    You are all bodhisattvas. Miracle-workers. When I get some $$ you will have a good donations from me. Meanwhile, thank you from my heart.

  • Lina Sterling

    You Folks are so wonderful. I have an open heart for animals in need and have no home. As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, we are reminded in the Scriptures tell us “The righteous takes care for his domestic animals.” PROV. 12:10 I have donated to you cause before BUT WILL NOW make this on a regular basis. Thank you all. With heartfelt appreciation for you all for the care you provide.

  • Linda McCaskill

    Thank you so much for the holy work you are doing. You will be blessed in Heaven for it.

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