Dog saved after huge porcupine quill pierced into eye lid

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This elderly girl was completely dazed and desperate when a kind man found her stumbling in pain. An enormous porcupine quill was embedded 3 inches into her forehead, piercing through her eye lid. It is astounding that the quill did not pierce into her eye, it was so incredibly close. We are so thankful to the man who called Animal Aid immediately for help, and to all of you who donate, volunteer and share our rescue videos, making it possible for us to help sweethearts like this who otherwise simply wouldn’t survive.

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  • Fiona Ingram

    Thank you for saving this old darling. I think it is so sweet that while being carried to the van she was wagging her tail. The man who called AAU also should be commended for caring.

  • Sherlie Carlisle

    I am so grateful to the man who called Animal Aid about this sweet dog. The vet was so careful and lovingly gentle in removing it from the eye. Every day I am overwhelmed with the compassion and love that is shown to these beautiful creatures. I love dogs so very much – I cry happy tears as I see each one brought back from the brink of death in your city. Thank all of you.


    This poor dog would have probably lost his sight if it were not for Animal Aid India. I appreciated the rescue of the dog in a well who was barely able to keep his head above water. I recycled one month’s worth of cans and bottles and donated $25.00 to the charity. I wish it could be more and hope to donate at Christmas time. I have so much respect for the volunteers, the rescuers who risk their life, and the doctors and all the brave and injured animals that trust in these beautiful people. These are the people I admire and not the pop stars and reality celebrities. The Animal Aid India people walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to being selfless and giving and doing work that is truly of the “divine.” Thank you for everything everyone of you is doing!
    Love from the USA!

  • KhepriSun

    what’s the dogs name?

  • KhepriSun

    thank you for saving all the poor animals that cannot save themselves
    You are heroes!

  • Sylvia Rottenberg

    Thank you again and again you are ANGELS ON EAERTH my english is poor but with my Hart I send you all my love

  • Annette Siegl

    What a relief to know that the old girl got help and had not to suffer anymore…and that the quill did not damage her eye. Ouff! Thank you to all of you who helped…and a big thank you and hug to the kind gentleman who phoned you for help.
    Regards, Annette

  • Cristina Somerset

    I have a tremendous respect for this amazing group of beautiful hearts…God has a special place for them…every animal they have helped are eternally thankful!

  • Maryjane

    Merci pour votre grand coeur, merci pour les animaux.
    Merci de faire tout ce qui est en votre pouvoir pour aider aimer ces pauvres animaux

  • Anil

    Keep up the good work!

  • Sheila Sweeney Nikolov

    I am overwhelmed by your videos! With tears in my eyes I want you to know I will make my best effort to donate! God Bless all of you for the wonderful work that you do for our helpless friends!

  • Stacey Bowen

    Today is my Bday. I stumbled across this Web site and am so happy I did. I will donate and pray for these wonderful animals. It is good to see this happening in India!

  • indian

    amazing efforts, I am speechless with wet eyes.

  • Nikki

    I just donated. It was a small amount but I wish I could donate much more. You’re such an amazing organization and your rescue stories just leave me speechless. Thank you for everything you do.

  • Mehul

    Hi, this is mehul from gujarat (Ahmedabad)

    Want to start something like your organization from very small ammount i have.

    Will soon visit you people.

  • tara

    I hope if were possible,that Animal Aid India have shelters in NEW DEHLI and many other states where dogs are abused…and call on the rich to help build shelters for these loving animals…thank you humble ,loving and kind people of animal aid India

  • Devangi

    Animal Aid is doing an amazing job. I wish people in India start treating their street animals with love and dignity. Like Mehul above, some day I also want to start shelter in Ahmedabad.

  • vidya

    Really superb u r!!!Am from andhra pradesh.Is there any of ur branch that i can take part in ur job

  • Maria

    I really stumbled upon your website accidentally, and of course I watched a few stories and wow, I just wish there were more people like you, that everyone treated animals with such kindness. Thumbs up from Europe, you are fantastic 🙂

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