Dog saved after eating rat poison

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We received a distressed call on our helpline that a dog who had been just fine the day before had suddenly started behaving very abnormally and was unable to stand or walk. When we reached the location we found a sweet family hovering over a dog who looked fairly normal at first, but as soon as we approached became as stiff as a board. His body had become so rigid in a matter of just a few moments, that if you didn’t know he was alive you would have thought you were seeing rigor mortis.

His symptoms were pointing to strychnine poisoning, a chemical found in many rat poisons. The deadly poison causes painful stiffness and as it progressively gets worse and worse, the animal can die from asphyxiation.

We immediately started treatment to stop the convulsions and gave him I.V. fluids.

We were thrilled to find that by the next morning he was much better, was standing, and no longer becoming rigid. After just two more days of treatment he had fully recovered from his very close brush with death.

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  • Sylvia Rottenberg

    Wonderfull people thanks you for saving this souls!!!!

  • Elena

    I am so glad you are there for the animals. It is heartwarming. Thanks for all you do, I am proud to be among your supporters.

  • Bob Nerup

    Doing A great job for vital service. Thank you for caring.

  • Janet

    This is God’s work in action. I don’t care if one believes in a traditional God or a higher power or nothing. This is divine and inspiring. Thank you for restoring faith in human beings.

  • Hardik

    Great work u guys. No matter what I’m doing whenever i see your email in my inbox I thank god for having people like you who understand the meaning of humanity. You inspire me with your work. I’m learning quite a few things from you. Keep up the good work.

  • Rasmita debbarma

    Hi, i want to join your team as i am a big fan of ur team and animal are my life as i can say i want to fignt againt dog abuses and dog festival plz do contract with as thanx

  • valerie


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