Dog saved after almost bleeding to death

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An adorable neighborhood dog had been bitten by another dog in a scuffle that almost took her life. Dogs often get into scraps with each other, and they are usually harmless or only result in a puncture wound, but this dear girl got a bite on her leg in just the wrong spot that cut right into her artery, causing severe and nearly fatal bleeding. She had found shelter in a home and when our rescuers arrived they were aghast to find her lying nearly unconscious in a pool of her own blood.

We rushed her back to our shelter and into surgery where we successfully stopped the bleeding.

Within less than a month of treatment and supportive care she had beautifully recovered, and after spaying her we returned her home to her neighborhood as good as new!

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  • elly

    My heart is less bleeding because of you guys and women. There is so much animal suffering and i sign a lot of petitions.
    It’s so important. I love you all for everything you do, i am going to donate now and it feels so good!

  • Katrina

    She’s beautiful, thank you for saving her life

  • Julia

    What a beautiful soul

  • Joyce Nesselhauf

    I just set up a monthly donation for you folks. I’m so happy to be able to give back. I have 11 rescue dogs of my own. When I saw the pain and suffering on these videos, I felt like I had to do more. I wanted to contribute to their recovery. Physically I can’t be a part of saving the animals in India, but I can be there in spirit and help financially. You are their angels on earth! Thank you for all that you do!

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