Dog rescued with holes in his face survives

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Half of this poor boy’s face was actually eaten away by maggots. Even when he closed his mouth you could see his gums and teeth. And the pain he must have endured…. Our rescue team found him sitting in a posture of such abject resignation it broke our hearts. His only movement was the frantic reflex of his paw desperately trying to scratch away the pain.

Because of the sheer amount of tissue on his face that was destroyed, even after the wound completely healed the hole did not close. But Teddy Bear’s quality of life? Just watch the video!

Please donate for those whose crisis is happening now.

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  • elly

    Thanks again for helping and the love for animals, i really love you all.
    I just donated again with all the love in my heart.

  • Sylvia Rottenberg

    AGAIN AND AGAIN thank you I am always crying of joy when I see this wonderfulll recovering

  • Shirley Nicholas

    Bless you all again from the bottom of my heart. You perform miracles. The dogs are wonderful and so happy. Do you spay and neuter them I wonder?

  • Jan

    What a handsome boy Teddy Bear has turned out to be, and Ben is now obviously not in any pain whatsoever! It is a pleasure to see him playing. At the beginning of the video I couldn’t help wondering how on earth that terrible wound could ever heal, but you knew it could. There are few organizations that dare or would take the trouble to do what AAU does, and I love you for it.

  • carmen

    Quee hermoza lavor,,,DIOS los bendiga..

  • Susanne Berg

    You are making miracles! Fantastic. It is difficult to watch your posts/videos. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Janet

    Heureusement que vous êtes là, pour soigner , sauver de la mort et pour soulager tous ces pauvres chiens en particulier, je n’oublie pas les autres animaux qui croisent votre route, merci pour eux, bonne continuation, bonne chance sur les chemins de la misère .

  • tuba

    Thank you for what you are doing. Just donated

  • Joe

    You are god’s angels on earth helping those creatures who are innocent and in need. Keep up your difficult yet wonderful work.

  • maggie geddes

    you never fail to amaze me with how you can treat the most horrific injuries and wounds and make these Dog’s lives so happy once you have given them all the treatments for weeks and weeks and you always have hope for all the Animals that are rescued and always give them a fighting chance to live a happy life with the other rejected, abused, injured Dog’s at the sanctuary. You are all very special people caring for all God’s creatures. Donation on it’s way.

  • Yolanda Smits

    Teddy bear is so well and so so happy,you all have magic and lots of love and caring in your hands and souls and i thank you for that ,your contry is poor but this organisation is filled with tons of love, passion and caring for wounded animals in urgent need, almost miracles that are so horrific when the animals arrives…..God blessed you for ever and ever

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