Dog rescued with deep gash

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Our rescue team was called late in the evening to rescue a dog covered in blood from the shoulder down. We could just make out a large gash under all the blood soaked fur. We treated him for the pain straight away and first thing in the morning cleaned away all the fur to see the deep cut. Luckily, the wound was very fresh, so we were able to suture it right up, start him on a course of antibiotics.


After just two weeks of treatment and rest, he has made a full recovery!


If this lovable old boy hadn’t been rescued, it would have meant weeks of infection, pain, and possibly even death. Thank you for your support helping us give beautiful animals like him the care they deserve.

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  • Sylvia Rottenberg

    I am so hartfully touch for your compassion, care, for this forgotten soul!!
    Thanks a lot

  • elly

    Thanks again for helping this old man (dog).
    I love you all and deeply respect again, i think of you all every day!!!!!

  • Beverly Osborn

    You are all angels on Earth and will be blessed forever for working so hard to save these helpless creatures.
    I am sending a donation tonight and when I get my new bank card,will set up a monthly donation.Words can ever
    touch the love I feel for you all.

  • Dalpatia

    It’s brought tears in my eyes to see the pain of animals and specially the little puppy with COAL TAR all over her body. I’m so happy to see how efficiently you guys has helped the little one with love and care. I salute you guys being such an angle to rescue so many of little puppies and other animals. Coz we all know either its human or animal , pain is same and difference is only that we humans express with our speach and animal express with their silence. I request every one to pledge to help as many animals we can !! As they do have life and emotions as we humans does.


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