Dog rescued slowly strangling on wire noose

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We found Winnie in the late evening one day in August running down a village road with a piece of wire tied like a noose around his neck that was connected to a stick. He was slowly strangling from the incredibly tight wire and his head was swollen to almost double the size. We rescued him just as night fell and rushed him back to the shelter to cut the wire open. Our jaws literally dropped when we saw just how tight the wire had been wrapped around his neck, it was as small as the circumference of your palm.

We were very worried that irreparable damage may have been done by the circulation being compromised so significantly, so we were overjoyed when the swelling had completely gone down by day 4 and he was doing amazingly well, despite the wounds around his neck.

We dressed the wounds each day and kept him clean and safe, and within just 38 days he was completely healed.

At the end of his recovery we neutered him as well.

Thank you for supporting our rescues and ensuring that amazing dogs like Winnie are saved, often in the nick of time. Please donate today.

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  • Katrina

    Those wounds were horrific, but what an amazing recovery

  • louisa

    they take such wonderful care of the animals. I love this organization.

  • Susan

    Why would anyone hurt a precious, innocent dog like that? What motive to strangle it than let it go? I hope that the person or people who did this to this dog will pay one way or another either in this life or the next for what they did to God’s precious creature. Thank God you folks were able to catch him before it was too late. I am surprised he was still alive given how tight the noose was and how swollen he became as a result. The dog looked so happy at the end of the video. Thank you for being Guardian Angels to these defenseless angel furbabies who have do nothing to deserve the abuse and neglect befallen to them.

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