Dog paralysed from car accident walks again

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We got a call on our street animal rescue helpline from a caring person in Udaipur who informed us that a street dog in their neighborhood had been hit by a car earlier that day and was unable to stand.

When our rescue team reached, we found a confused and very anxious dog in the middle of the road with his hind legs coming out in front of him in a very abnormal position. He tried to move when our rescuers approached but his back legs dragged on the ground and he could only go a few feet.

He had suffered damage to his spine and urgently needed treatment and most of all rest to stabilize his spine. We brought him back to the Animal Aid hospital where his treatment and physical therapy would continue for the next five to six weeks.

It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes, when nerve damage is caught early and treatment is started right away, there can be reason to hope, and that’s what Georgie did. He hoped.

Donate for the urgent medical treatment of precious animals.

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  • louisa byrd

    What a beautiful recovery George made. Thank you so much for the great rescue. I love the fact that you all never give up. The therapist was awesome. He was really working with George. God bless all of you.

  • Yogesh Kumar

    This is very good job.really a good work t help animals


    OH your all are wonderfull carying magicien!
    Thanks a lot!!!!

  • maggie geddes

    Thank you so much for never giving up on Georgie. you are all amazing for everything you do for the Animals. Georgie would not have been able to survive without being rescued and all the weeks of therapy you gave him to get him back on his leg’s. You are all an inspiration. I will donate again when I can. God bless you all.

  • Nancy wade

    the work you do is great I want to be part of the answer I. Donate once a month the third of the month let me know where. To send. It from my two litttle dogs ? pepper and Riley

  • muskan khemani

    i love what u do for them….i appericiate you…
    i wanna donate but i dont have debit / credit card can i paytm or give cash to you

  • Bina

    I would like to adopt an animal

  • Marion Köninger

    You give me the strenght to believe in humanity.
    Thank you. Really Really thank you!

  • moon510

    What a lucky dog! and hurry for AAU India!

  • Hassina Khan

    Thank you to all animal aid workers for doing a fantastic job rescuing stray dogs abnd
    doing all the rehab work they need. Peace and Love.

  • Nadarajan

    your reasoning to return the treated animals to the place where they ere originally from is understandable but you showed them love andprovide food isn’t they going to miss the compassion at least you try to recruit families near by to fee them every day and avoid muslim populated areas hence you will have less injured animals
    any way I had to appreciate your work and for not euthanizint at random
    here in singaporethe shelters euthanize healthy young dogs and cats which are mostly pedigree dogs

    I am sorry I can only afford to donate a small amount but ask people I know god blessyou all

  • Dr. Balakrishnan

    So amazing how patiently these volunteers work in hard hard situations with limited resources. Wish we could help more for them every month . ?.GOD will definitely bless these souls and wish some one with some mass media come forward to help these folks in promoting their organization and bring light in the community and awareness around the world . So that they can do a lot of Bette service more efficiently & save more lives .

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