Dog literally jumps for joy after recovering from mange

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Lonnie is an angel-boy from the street who, today, jumps for joy at even the hint of play. But just a month ago he was listless, flat, and feeling just awful from mange. Mange is a debilitating and often deadly skin disease caused by parasites that burrow in the skin. The mange can consume a dog’s entire energy and attention as the dog desperately tries to escape from the maddening itchiness. Because of the intense irritation caused by the parasites, the dogs often scratch themselves to the point of bleeding which often results in nasty skin infections that can turn deadly.

Watch Lonnie’s sheer exuberance when his mange was cured at Animal Aid.

Please donate to bring joy and play back into the lives of injured and ill street animals.

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  • Fiona Igram

    I could not believe this is the same dog. Well done to all his rescuers and care givers.

  • valerie

    Isnt that just GREAT well again.

  • elly

    And again i am proud of you all, i love you all.
    I donated again for your good work.

  • Arpan Gorai

    Doing a great job. I proudly say that there are people who care and also respect animals……..keep helping in this way

  • Linda Jane O' Brien

    Thank you AAU for the depths of compassion and total commitment you are proof to over the years in helping these desperately needy dogs who deserve much more than what street life has in the offing. Posted on FB

  • Debbie Derenski

    LOVE these stories…so glad I am helping out where it is so needed!! <3


    Unable to donate this stage, however it is wonderful to see dear Lonnie has recovered from her terrible mange. All these people are angels to me x

  • Tanja

    Heartbreaking moments, either because of the suffering of the animals and on the other side because of their joy comming back to life again. 🙂

  • Sumana

    Good job guys, keep it going

  • maggie

    Thank you so much to everyone at AAU You are all so commited to giving these precious Animal’s all the help they need. Mange is such a horrible thing making life hell for these sweet Dog’s. It is heart-warming to see the sheer joy Lonnie is enjoying running and playing probably for the first time in his life. You all do a great job. I do donate when I can.

  • Debbie

    You guys do such wonderful work, I am in awe.

  • Sue

    If the World were run by people like you instead of those who do run it – it would be Paradise for all! I feel privileged to be able to help you in my small way. Thank you all for being the Angels that you clearly are! xx

  • Divya

    After watching those videos…i recollect my days with my beloved pet. It passed away last month surviving for a good age of 13yrs. I have done all that to make her alive but her illness doesnt supported the medication we gave. I wish to donate to animal aid and i really appreciate from the bottom of my heart for all the service you guys are giving to the poor animals.

  • Dr Praveen Kumar

    Your deeds shall be rewarded by that who sits in the heart of all living creatures and also runs the limitless skies and the universe

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