Dog found comatose on roadside rescued

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A dog lay in a coma by the side of a busy road, completely unresponsive. We gently lifted him and rushed him to Animal Aid. We examined him from head to toe but found no sign of broken bones and suspected a head injury, so we treated him with a medicine that reduces brain swelling. He didn’t awaken for 24 hours. And by the third day he—well, watch and see for yourself what Roxy’s pure radiant joy looks like today.

Donate to save animals in the most urgent need.

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  • Laurie Vergo

    I love what you all do for the unfortunate animals. You are all angels on earth with beautiful souls. I have made a donation and I hope it helps. Bless you all and the animals you work so hard to save and care for. ??

  • frances

    What a delightful dog you saved! She is so sweet. Thank you AAU!


    Really happy to see Roxy recovered and there were no major injuries. Thanks.

  • Wendy Godinez

    All of you are angels to help these animals. Please don’t ever stop what you are doing. My heart is with you but you are too far for me to see in person. All the so-called human species who hurt these animals, I hope to god that their souls will suffer eternal after life. and they will. Your loving hands will beat the odds for these animals to have a second chance to live. I have a dog and anyone hurt my princess, I will go after them. Thank you for all you do and to the founders of this sanctuary.

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