Dog dizzy with pain from swollen head recovers

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We could see from a distance that this disoriented and stumbling street dog was deeply troubled. As our rescue team approached we could see that her face and head were swollen so acutely that the ridge of her nose was disappearing within the puffed surface of her eye sockets and cheeks. Her eyes were filled with confusion and pain. Though a small wound on her throat was visible when we rescued her, we had no idea what was really wrong.

Once on the treatment table at Animal Aid, everything became clear. Pauline was suffering from a massive infection caused by maggots buried inside the flesh of her neck. Removing the worms was accomplished within hours but the wound would take five weeks to heal. Pauline is a shy older girl who was never became completely comfortable being touched. But she seemed to know she was in loving hands because within the weeks that followed, Pauline’s wound not only healed, but her happiness blossomed and she shares her heart through her radiant smile.

Pauline would have died without urgent help. Thank you so much for making sure she got it in time.

Please donate for street animal rescue.

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