Dog dizzy with pain from swollen head recovers

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We could see from a distance that this disoriented and stumbling street dog was deeply troubled. As our rescue team approached we could see that her face and head were swollen so acutely that the ridge of her nose was disappearing within the puffed surface of her eye sockets and cheeks. Her eyes were filled with confusion and pain. Though a small wound on her throat was visible when we rescued her, we had no idea what was really wrong.

Once on the treatment table at Animal Aid, everything became clear. Pauline was suffering from a massive infection caused by maggots buried inside the flesh of her neck. Removing the worms was accomplished within hours but the wound would take five weeks to heal. Pauline is a shy older girl who was never became completely comfortable being touched. But she seemed to know she was in loving hands because within the weeks that followed, Pauline’s wound not only healed, but her happiness blossomed and she shares her heart through her radiant smile.

Pauline would have died without urgent help. Thank you so much for making sure she got it in time.

Please donate for street animal rescue.

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  • Yoko Cardona

    There is a powder that you guys seemed to use a lot to kill maggots. I was wondering the name of the powder you guys use.

  • Hollie Hollon

    Thank you to everyone in your team and everyone else who help you save so many severely injured animals. You make a huge difference in the world and we thank you. That is why I donate to your causes. Keep up the good work and best wishes for 2018.

  • Hassina Khan

    All the workers, especially the rescuers, are some of the most humane I have seen in the world. May God bless you all.

  • Working in Mexico at Fiona Animal Refuge I so relate and appreciate what you do for these precious street dogs. I am honored to support your organization.

  • Nuala

    Me and my dog Charlie love😘 love, love everyone at Animal Aid. You are ALL amazing kind caring human beings. I will NEVER stop donating to your fantastic work. XXX


    I love you with all my heart

  • Rose Bravender

    Yes I would like to donate. But I will not use the internet to donate. Is there any way that I can get a phone number so I can talk to someone. Thank you all for helping the poor little blessing animals you will be very blessed. I would like to donate $25 a month but I need a phone number I do not do the net. Thank you may God bless you and have a great blessed day.

  • elly

    Thanks again for saving this so kind dog Pauline, i love you all so much for everything you all do for all animals!
    I will donate soon again.

  • Visa neet

    Hello Friends , am amazed to see the heroic and commendable work filled with compassion you people are carrying out , friends for past 2-3 years am sending stray dogs in need of medical attention to our local PFA centre, but unfortunately all of them died ….. the guy doesn’t charge us although we donate in cash and kind …. but all the deaths of canniness are little questionable, but friend me and my brother can’t see poor animals in pain ….. i live in FARIDABAD, HARYANA …… where is your nearest centre, so that i can get your for the other dogs in future. Hope to listen soon from you guys , will be happy to contribute in your noble endeavours .

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