Dog almost killed by flies healed

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A swarm of flies surrounded his head in a buzzing cloud, and their larvae devoured the side of his head and his entire ear. The pain and confusion had almost defeated sweet, aged Moses. When we found him on the street and slowly approached him, he was unable to even react. He had no more will to resist, and barely the energy, it seemed to keep himself in a sitting position. But once we brought him back to Animal Aid’s hospital and gave him pain killers, antibiotics, IV fluids, removed the maggots and his first of many bandages was secured, Moses began almost immediately to show his true colors. After more than 2 months of care, get ready to meet someone adorable.

Thank you for helping save his life. And for the hurting sweethearts to come, please donate.

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  • Martin Grevich

    Doing so much for so many with so little. Please donate so they can continue to help the animals. Thank you

  • Eileen Edwards

    It’s truly amazing to see the wonderful work that you do on the streets in India with all these poor animals. The love, patience and commitment you give to saving these animals is truly awe inspiring.
    I really hope that by your example, people around the world will learn to care for these creatures and not abuse them.
    I love watching the results of the animals you have rescued. I’ve sat and cried when I’ve seen how they respond to the love you give them. If only all our fellow humans could learn to love all creatures (man included) the same way, what a wonderful world it would be.
    Thank you and ‘bravo’ to the Animal Aid team!

  • Pamela

    Thank you for all you do and all the Love that results from it. Amazing!

  • Smits Yolanda

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for saving all these animals. Your efforts,love and the power off the team and the volontiers is so heartwarming and remarqueble that i’am stronghly convinced that heavenly powers guide you Every life is precious and deserves all the rights to be here and live their life to the fullest in harmony, love, affection without pain and hunger in dignity, fearless, happy and in peace…thank you all sweet and loving-kindness ” ANIMAL AID people ” Yolanda Smits Belgium

  • Joyce Stangeland

    God bless the work you do for these injured and diseased little ones We thank you and may blessing flow to your work

  • Tracy Cheek Cannell

    Thank you AAU for saving another wonderful animal. You all do such amazing work!

  • Mars Green

    We Love Animal Aid~!!
    Donate when we are able..they do amazing work for the animals~!!
    Thank You so much~!!

  • Lauren Wallace

    You all are the best Angels those poor fur babies can have. I hope I can help you all as much as you help our voiceless fur babies. Blessings and love to you all. Lauren Wallace

  • Bob Buckmann


  • Huong Pham

    I admire your people your work your kindness your life. I feel any dollar of my donation never enough to show my appreciation. Live animals aid , your life saving worth trillions dollars actually worthless. Thank u so much from the bottom of my heart

  • Rupesh wadekar

    Nice works guys

  • rose Dee

    Jim Myers, family, staff, and volunteers, thank you for all you do for all the hurt and suffering animals. It hurts my heart many times to know that wild life is dying off and food and habitats are getting smaller and smaller. The extreme weather all over the globe plus severe fires all taking their toll. I do lots of research on the web about the global environment and will share your site as much as I can and pray that you get large donations for you and staff and all the animals you feed and care for.
    ‘m hoping I can make some modest donations in the future. Dee

  • Jessica

    Hello my name is Jessica,
    And I am from the U.S
    Jeffersonville Indiana… I watch your videos,
    On DoDo” , I am Soo gratefull there’s people like you who Care& Love “. I wish, I could visit, the staff, and help Rescue Dogs like you do..

  • Mahadevan

    Here In Tamil Nadu same Injury to the 8 years old dog .
    Almost his Left leg is Destroyed and the Inner bones are shown.
    Please Some contact number to Recover this dog.
    Othakkadai, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India 625107

  • theresa sonia

    i find it most admerable for the teams who finds these wonderful dogs keep up the great work!!

  • Irene Crosthwaite

    Thank you for the wonderful love and care you show these street dogs. May I ask? What happens once they recover? Do people adopt them?

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