Cutest little piglet learns to walk after accident

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Dragging his hind legs behind him, Tinku was hit by a car and couldn’t walk. Someone spotted him, and when our rescue team arrived, in terror and confusion he tried to hide in tall grass on the side of the road. He was easy to catch up to though, and we wrapped him in a blanket to cover his eyes to calm him down a bit. Back at the hospital his round black eyes were full of fear. Before rescue, he had never been touched by a person before, but incredibly, he took comfort in being stroked and loved. We found that he had a complete femur fracture and injury to his other hind leg as well that prevented him from being able to stand at all. With 6 weeks of bed rest, this determined little boy healed and learned to walk again. Meet Tinku today.

Please donate for rescue and consider adopting a meat-free diet today.

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