Critically injured street dog adopted by volunteer

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On the night of September 19 our ambulance went to the rescue of a dog who we had heard was injured in an accident. When our rescuers arrived they were shocked to see that the dog’s leg was severed and all the muscles and even bone in his leg were completely exposed. In addition, his eye was injured and his eye ball appeared to be ruptured. It was a sight out of a horror movie.


Back at the shelter we quickly bandaged his leg, treated him for pain, and gave I.V. fluids to prepare him for urgent surgery the next morning.

The next morning our veterinarian amputated the remaining part of his thigh and removed his injured eye.

By the very next day “Pirate” started to show his fun-loving personality.

It was during his recovery that volunteer Tappy Vyas, a resident of Udaipur, met him and the two quickly bonded.

When Pirate was nearly fully healed, Tappu shared the fantastic news that she was going to adopt him. She told us that what with everything he had been through, and the fact that he was missing not only a leg but an eye too, she wanted to make sure he had a home for the rest of his life.

Pirate is loving his home with Tappu and her family and has two adorable neighborhood dog pals too.

tappu home

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  • diana alessndrini


  • Jan

    This is a really heartwarming story. I wiah Pirate and his new family every happiness.

  • amrita rathore

    Dear All,

    I rescue one street puppy from other big dogs, now he is with me, he has injury in in his chest, but after some medicine he is active and playing. i am not localite and my owner also not agree to keep him in home. he is little brown male puppy need permanent home please help. my contact Number is 9300093035 pls do something for little puppy.

  • Linda

    Oh my god Tappu that is beautiful , you are beautiful. Love to Pirate and you all.

  • Shirley Nicholas

    Bless you all for everything you do to help all kinds of animals. You have restored my faith in human nature.

  • Fran P.

    Money is on its’ way. I love you all.

  • Bhanumurty Pithapuram Hyderabad

    Bhanumurty Pithapuram Sir/Madam

    Indeed this service I consider it as a prayer offer to god. May god bless bless you to spread this type of service through out the world. It is an highest ultimate service of man to be expected towards his fellow living beings. Because, by nature, all the living beings have got equal rights to live and lead the life of their own just as man does as blessed and designed by the nature. Man a bit developed and mentally evolved living being can be a savior to other living beings and is ready to help any living being which in distress. This is a real service expected by god(imaginary supreme power of nature to control and manage the living beings).Prayers offered to god may develop discipline but cannot be fruitful unless deeds of man are faith fair ethical and equally judicious towards other living beings. He owe some responsibility towards animals by nature. . I wish to extend my service in the form I can capable to render as a middle class average man’ Thanks a lot for doing this great service. P.Bhanumurty Hyderabad India Contact. 09848528516

  • Garance Eude

    This service you all pay to these animals is absolutely amazing and inspiring! Reading the stories of the tremendous work you all do is heart warming, seeing the relentless help you bring to these animals is truly admirable! This inspires me as a student to be able to something as generous and brave as this! This work you are conducting is absolutely amazing and I wish you all the best as you continue with it! Thank you for your work and amazing service!

  • Manpreet Bakshi

    The resue stories are so heart guys are doin such an incredible work…Hatts of to you…i wish this organisation reaches great heights and continue to provide emmense love , care , and service to animals.i wish i can be a part of Animal Aid Unlimited.

  • MaryHoffmeier

    I love this video and happy ending story. Thank you from far away for taking these sweet animals under your wing and helping them❤️

  • Pamela LeBourdais

    Thank you ALL for your selfless acts of compassion for wounded and sick street animals. I am in awe of all the work you put into rescuing these precious animals.

    With love and respect from Harpswell, Maine USA

  • Poonam

    I like Animal. I would like to do somthing for animal like help.. how can I do?

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