Critically injured dog healed & reunited with guardian

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When our ambulance arrived the situation was heartbreaking. A young dog lay nearly unconscious with a horrifically wounded leg and a village woman sat beside him weeping in despair, fearing he would not survive.

injured after accident

His leg had been degloved in the accident, exposing the raw muscle beneath and he was in shock from the trauma and pain. His leg needed to be amputated as there was no possibility of a wound so extensive healing.


His devastated guardian escorted him to the ambulance, humbly pleading that we do everything possible to save him. We assured her that we would do everything in our power to heal him and bring him back to her soon.

after amputation

The very next day we brought him into surgery and amputated his injured leg. Soon after he was up on all 3’s and feeling so much better. He spent the next several weeks healing and getting used to mobility on three legs. When he had fully recovered he was ready to go back to his guardian!


Reunited at last! Smiling from ear-to-ear,  he ran to her and she met him with open arms.


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  • Lanno

    Beautiful work!!!

  • Yesenia

    His human guardian needs him more than he needs her… you can see it in all the pics she is in, she needs her animal companion to be happy….

  • ritiritika

    Aaaww so happy to be back together at last! thank you for caring guys! keep it up 🙂

  • Jan

    That’s what I love about your organization–you don’t give up and euthanize an animal just because it is in very bad condition. I also heartily approve of the fact that you return them to where you found them.

  • nazia

    This is lovely. Well done for your amazing work. So glad you are looking out for animals in India. Love from London

  • Beverly

    thank you so much for saving all the animals-you are their voices and their guardian angels.

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