Crane operator comes to bull’s rescue

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We received a call on our helpline for a street bull who had fallen into an underground drainage ditch. We found him trapped in knee-deep sewage water, barely able to turn around and visibly confused and upset.


Cement slabs that had been covering the ditch had collapsed on one side, trapping him inside and making it impossible for him to get out.


Everytime we rescue a cow or bull we require help from passers-by and neighbors, so as per usual we began asking people for help. After getting together a group of men willing to pitch in, we spotted a crane parked across the street, and figured it was worth a shot asking the operator for help. To our delight, the operator of the crane, Narender Kumar, immediately said yes and rushed to join in our rescue mission.


First the crane lifted one of the cement slabs that was covering the bull, and then right away we harnessed him into canvass straps and up he went!


As soon as he was up top he merrily trotted away without as much as a scratch. This phenomenal team effort really proved that when we work together impossible is nothing. So many people want to help animals, and sometimes all it takes is just the opportunity presented to them and some group motivation to get people involved in grass-roots animal protection. The faces of all the men who had helped were lit with ear-to-ear smiles. Saving animals feels almost as good to the rescuer as it feels to the animal.


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  • Kat Grey

    On behalf of all animal lovers,…Thank you.

  • Rick renda

    I thoroughly enjoy your rescue stories! Helping animals is happiness! Thank you for all your continuing efforts.

  • Shivam

    This is the greatest job anyone has ever thought of.Helping those who can not even communicate about their problems.Kudos to you all!

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