Cow strangling on embedded rope rescued

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We got word that an abandoned cow at the city dump was slowly strangling on rope tied around her neck that was so tight it was embedded in her neck. The rope must have been tied when she was much younger and over time slowly started to cut into her neck. The filth and flies at the garbage dump caused the wound to get infested with maggots that were eating away at her flesh putting her in imminent and grave danger.

We found her standing in garbage and burning debris with a group of other abandoned cows. We knew from the start that this rescue would be tough. The hardest place to catch a feral animal is in a wide open space, because there’s no place to get them into a corner.

The moment we approached the herd, they started to flee and a 4 hour search through garbage and jungle ensued. She would disappear from sight and 20 or 30 minutes later one of us would catch a glimpse of her going around a hill. Right when we were close to giving up so that we could move on to other pending rescues, she came back into sight and we were able to catch her.

Back at Animal Aid we cut away the rope, cleaned and bandaged the wound and after 4 weeks of daily wound dressing she beautifully healed.

It’s painful to imagine what would have happened to her without rescue. She would have suffered immensely.

Every life is precious.

Please donate to support life-saving rescues at Animal Aid.

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  • Barbara

    What a beautiful cow now, big thank you to the rescuers who did not give up, love all the work you do, all of you!! :-)))))

  • Cathy Smtih

    hello, beautiful work you do. are you in Vrindaban? you work such wonders. compassion is a beautiful thing. animals can be the poorest of the poor. when i can i donate. cathy smith

  • Pratima

    Remarkable work – Neha and team!!!

  • ashraf

    hei, my names is ashraf . first i will thanks alot of your fantastik good human team. The greantess of a nation and its moral progress can be judge by the way its animals are treated. i love animals more then anything in this world. I was hating indian people becouse i have seen how alot treat cows elephant and etc animals. its big shame if human hurt animals. but i love this side and all you people will be in paradise 1 day.
    i will always help you people . and i help alot animal rescue organsation by less or more . so i will donate soon everymonth , to you people as much i can .
    thanks alot and i love you people.

  • Tarun Sharma

    You people are doing great job and are worthy of praise from every human.AlwaysContinue this noble act of yours.:-☺☺☺

  • anu

    Wonderful work guys……….

  • barbara chipman

    i have always felt the warmth and kindness that the people of India have shown. thank you for your commitment and determination. also the video for x-mas is a fantastic idea. i will be reserving one soon.

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