Cow rescued whose halter was cutting into her nose

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It must have taken months for her to outgrow her halter. Friction from the rope had caused a severe abrasion that had become a maggot wound. She was feral and very difficult to catch which may have been the reason her owner, if she has one, hadn’t gotten her treated or taken off the halter. On August 24th we got a call that this beautiful auburn girl had been noticed by a kind soul who called Animal Aid to rescue her. We are always most horrified by wounds that were preventable, and most relieved when, with simple daily wound management, we can bring such tremendous relief so quickly.


After cutting off the old halter we thoroughly cleaned the wound and applied a moist bandage with lots of cotton padding. For the next two weeks we changed the bandage every day and gave her anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.


Her wound healed fast and in just two weeks she was completely healed and happy.


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  • elly

    Thanks again for helping animals you all, i am going to donate again.
    I love you all!!!

  • brigitte klein

    many many thanks the people help animals

  • Linda McCaskill

    The people who rescue animals who have been abandoned, abused or neglected are angels on earth.

  • R.krishna

    AnimalAid rescue team,

    you are really doing a very good job . I thank you people for helping the animals . Now you have became my inspiration. Now I’m a kid i’m just studying 8th standard after becoming a man i’ll join in your rescue team. If you want to convey any message talk with me in facebook . my name in facebook is Krishna kicha. In future i will join in your rescue team.

  • Geeta

    Warms my heart to see the work youre doing! Keep it up..the animals need you!

  • Mangus

    You are the real God for animals. its really a nice job. God bless you all And KEEP IT UP…….

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