Collapsed dog recovers from terrible wounds

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This devastated darling was found collapsed with a vast cavernous maggot wound in his neck and ear. But that wasn’t all. He also had a wire wrapped around and embedded in his hind leg. We almost couldn’t save him–he felt too much pain to eat for the first four days, and survived on IV fluids. Days passed and still he would not eat. But gradually a light returned to his eyes. Watch as this incredible sweetheart lets medicine–and love — help him fight for his life.

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  • Richard Horton

    You people are absolutely the best, Thank you for your beautiful work. We’ll donate when we can.

  • keena chan


    Thank You indeed!! Monthly donate from my salary, I am not rich but I know it’s great in supporting all of you!

    Hong Kong ( Keena )

  • Alliyah

    I love you guys so much and the work you do. Such a worthy cause to donate too.

  • Tone Grochala

    You are a phenomenal organization of caring, loving people! I am so grateful there are people like you who exist in this world! Thank you so much for all the lives you have saved and the care you give on a daily basis to these helpless creatures. You are truly Angels!

  • Michael Sims

    I love this organization. The main difference between humans and animals in severe pain and emotional trauma is humans can at least end it by taking their life but dogs like this have to suffer until they parish painfully and without help of the humans that domesticated them. It is our responsibility to watch after them. Keep up the great work. There are millions of us behind you.

  • Susie Mendoza

    You are God’s best children. I cried as I was watching these poor animals suffer. I can’t donate right now, but when I can, I will. But, in the mean time, I an going to talk to my friends and relatives, and ask them for their help. I don’t understand why God allows these things to happen to these wonderful animals, and especially the ones that have been abused by humans. I don’t get it. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful work. You are truly angels.

  • Katie

    You’re work – commitment to service is so beautiful and inspiring ?✨? We are sending so much love and light your way and to all the angels you’ve rescued. ????

  • Wim

    Why do we have so much luxury in Holland while those animals need help ?
    Will donate whenever/what we can.
    Thank you to all staff for what they did/do for those lovely animals, they deserve
    I am now going to dry my tears !

  • Anonymo

    You are awesome… Your videos makes me happy, although I know, there are sad moments too 🙁 I don’t have much money, but I am sending some. Maybe one day, I will have more and I will be able to support you more 🙂

  • AbbynLulu

    I love you all for your commitment to Gods beautiful creatures. My own dogs wouldn’t know the meaning of a hard street life and I’m glad they don’t…I made my $100 donation in honor of them, I hope it helps even more animals. Here’s to a better life for all of those you save. I will donate as often as I can.

  • liette gignac

    Je trouve formidable le travail que vous faites .

  • muriel escop

    thanks for your engagement ,it’s such an amount of work curage and love you give each days to those animals!

  • Bonnie

    I cry every time I see a video that there are people who care and help the little suffering animals of our world.

  • maggie geddes

    I love your organisation and without it all these beautiful animals would have died a horrible death alone and unloved. You are all amazing people. God has blessed you all with your love and compassion. will donate regularly.

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