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The Animal Aid personalized sponsorship video is the perfect way to let a real-life angel into the lives of  your friends and family. Give the best gift possible to celebrate the meek and mild.

Choose among this year’s angels just waiting to be featured in YOUR video gift!

The Animal Aid personalized sponsorship gift lets you share your warmest wishes with real greetings from the animals, staff and founding family of Animal Aid Unlimited in Udaipur, Rajasthan India.

Last year, more than 600 precious animals were rescued, healed and saved through Christmas sponsorship gifts!

Who are this year’s angels ready for sponsorship?

Pommy, once owned, was found tied behind a garbage dump with his front paw crushed and necrotic. He was on the brink of death, curled up in ball and almost unconscious. We didn’t think he would make it through his first night at the shelter. His front leg needed to be amputated but he could barely lift his head let alone withstand surgery. We had to wait but feared that the infection might get the better of him. A few days later, after fluid therapy, medicine and treatment, he made it through surgery. We held him close as he recovered from the operation and honest to god he wagged his tail for the first time since we’d rescued him. Now you can’t stop Pommy. He bounces on his three legs from friend to friend, is back to a healthy weight, and is a new beautiful boy. We love knowing that he’ll never be abandoned again.

Smokey was once forced to carry heavy loads of bricks and sand in narrow alleyways, overworked and abused. We found him with a broken leg that had gone without treatment for weeks. He was struggling to find food on the roadside and in obvious pain. The fracture was too old for us to repair, but sanctuary and love has given him the chance to recover and thrive. Despite his painful past, he has so much love to give. When you see him in the video, you might think we were luring him forward with food, but no! He follows close on our heels just for love. He is donkey extraordinaire.

Chanda was hit by a car two years ago and was rescued with an injured spine, unable to stand. Her first 10 days were spent with us on pain medication and hand feeding. She cried out when touched and when she tried to move. But after those first 10 days the pain was gone and she was ready for physical therapy. Care-giver Kamla spent the next several weeks massaging her limbs and urging her to sit and then stand. Depression can get the better of dogs who have suddenly been hit and can no longer stand. They don’t understand why they can no longer walk and they are often very sad. It was love that saved Chanda, and after her recovery she has given an abundance of love in return that she delightfully showers on all who meet her.

Julian is a big hunk of love on just three feet. Like most young bulls, Julian was torn away from his mother and left to fight for his life eating garbage. High population density increases the chances of finding food for these urban scavengers, but they don’t stand much of a chance with cars racing by, and Julian, like so many of the bulls we rescue, had his foot run over while he was resting in the road. Animal Aid technically amputated the hoof but it was mostly gone when we arrived on the scene. He was little more than a baby then, but he took to the “life o’ Reilly” and wasted no time letting us know he was glad to be safe, full and highly entertained by the other members of his new-found family. Julian reminds us every day that cows and bulls are precious individuals with strong opinions and deep feelings.

Buddy was saved by an eight year old village boy, Sohan, in 2011. He had one of the most serious head wounds we had ever seen. Watch his incredible rescue story here. It was only because of past success stories that we didn’t euthanize him immediately. We had to give him a chance, and we are so thankful we did because today, two years later, as you can see in the above video, he is the happiest, healthiest of boys. An absolute angel, he has truly blossomed at Animal Aid and is an incredible, sensitive love bug.

In three easy steps you are on your way to giving this year’s best gift:

1. Donate $100 on Paypal and then

2. tell us the animal you’d like to sponsor

3. write to tell us who we should name in the video, and what their relationship is to you:

examples: “to my brother John from his baby sister Maria.”


“To Fred, from your co-worker and competitor, Barney.”


“To the best neighbor in the world, Shawn, from the other best neighbor in the world, Bruce.”


“To the Williams family, from Sally Jones.”

Because these videos really are made especially for the person(s) you’ve chosen, please help us fulfill everyone’s wishes and place your order before 20th December if you possibly can.

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