Cat with wings flies to California!

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Brenda and Billy at Animal Aid, moments before heading off into the sunset!

Brenda and Billy at Animal Aid, moments before heading off into the sunset!

We started to get a little suspicious when awesome repeat-volunteer Brenda Rodriguez started buzzing into the Kitty Quarters between the many dogs she helped each day. We learned a few days before she had to fly back to her home in Huntington Beach California that she did NOT plan on travelling alone.

Brenda had fallen in love with Billy, a 3-month-old kitten who was paralyzed in his hind quarters. On Brenda’s first day with him, Billy could only drag himself forward to meet her. Soon, he was kicking his back legs and attempting to stand. And after several weeks of Brenda’s dedication, he was up on all fours and raring to go!

In what was one of the most determined cat-snatching escapades in our experience, Brenda got him his needed inoculations, the vet’s approval and paperwork, the the almost-train ticket that failedi; and braved the bus with Billy (Billi means girl cat in Hindi; he’s a boy but so what) got to a hotel room in Delhi, bought the carrying case and got permission to travel by air all the way home with Billy on her lap!

Brenda mobilized several animal activist friends in the USA who helped find the cat carrier, communicate with the airlines and give her the courage to brave the bus ride. But if you knew Billy, (and many of you probably do by now) he’s The One to make it all worthwhile. What a cuddlebug! As can be seen from these photos, a welcome wagon awaited the entourage.


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  • Avalon Sperring

    I love you guys THANK YOU AAU for being animal angels. Monthly donation coming! Love from Avalon in Adelaide, South Australia xxxx

  • Tony Demetriou

    Not many compassionate people left in the world unfortunately that’s why you lot deserve a big.thank you from all us animal lovers.we admire your compassion and dedication to all the suffering animals.god will reward you believe me.

    God bless you we love you xxxxxxxxx


    If we human beings have a simple cut we ran towards doctor soon….but nobody thinks about the angels who cannot speak…hats off to you all guys…you all are god…HATS OFF..

  • Jane Harris

    You are all brilliant . Thank God for you.?Keep up the work .LOVE YOU ALL.

  • Natalie @ Ozzi Cat Magazine

    What a gorgeous story! Brenda, you are a star!! Guys, thank you for saving all the special ones. How is Billy doing now? XOX Natalie / Special and Special Needs Cats Ambassador

  • escop muriel

    what a great job !angels who care other angels ,thanks to make day after day that earth a better place for animals

  • Kathy

    I am 63 years old on social security, so I never know how I am going to survive each month, but if and when I ever have any kind of supplemental income, the first thing I am going to do is send you some money. You are all angels and I love you and what you do! I just wish I was in a position to help right now. In the meantime, I send you love and prayers for heavenly aid and the material means to continue to rescue and heal animals.

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