Cat rescued from 100ft deep well

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We received a call on our helpline that a cat had fallen into a well. When we arrived, we found an old hand dug well right in the middle of a neighborhood surrounded by houses. It was without a doubt the deepest well we’ve ever had to face going down into for a rescue.




We were amazed and delighted to find that she was uninjured even after falling such an incredible distance. The garbage collecting at the bottom of the well likely provided the soft landing that saved her.

The cat was totally feral, so once our rescuer Ganpat was lowered down to the bottom he had to get her into a blanket and from there into a secure basket.



Neighbors helped pull Ganpat and cat up to safety.


We brought her back to the shelter to check for injuries and keep her under observation for a few days, and are extremely pleased that she is totally healthy.


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  • Sophia Turchetti

    what you all are doing is so amazing! keep bringing joy, good health, and love towards these adorable animals. in every video they all look so incredibly happy after they’re treated, you all are miracle workers! this organization shows how God’s work is on this earth. i want to help out with this organization. i just love what you all are doing and how all the animals are safe, being treated, and loved in such a great environment. what can i do, if anything to help save another animal?

  • Deb Carrel

    These people are as God intended all humans to be! To everyone visiting Animal Aid’s web site, please don’t just be impressed with the incredible work these people do – please share with family and friends and make a donation to help them keep rescuing and providing sanctuary to the vulnerable animals in need of their help.

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