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A generous donor has come forward to support and boost India’s blooming farmed animal, vegan outreach movement by proposing to give financial support to dynamic, committed individuals across India who want to help animals through grassroots-level farmed animal outreach.

Animal Aid has taken on the task of coordinating this exciting effort.

If you are an activist/educator in India who is interested in organizing and delivering presentations and video showings to at least 500 people in a month, then this may just be the perfect opportunity for you.

Activists will be asked to document their outreach work, make a monthly report, and share results and issues in fun, informal online group discussions among fellow activists.

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A monthly stipend of Rs 5,000 is being made available to activists who join this programme and meet the requirements.

Presentations would include an enthusiastic introduction including local or national animal issues to give context, and guidance to the audience about how they can help farmed animals (reduce consumption, go vegan).

Why is this an opportunity you don’t want to miss?

1.       You’re already an activist and with this financial support you do more!

2.       This is the chance to share your ideas and trouble-shoot with like-minded activists across the country

Write to Claire Abrams at to learn more and join the collaboration for farmed animals.

Please pass this along to activists in India!



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