Calf slowly choking from embedded rope rescued

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We found beautiful little Jimmy with a rope tied around his neck cutting into his flesh. He was slowly choking to death.

He was most likely born in a dairy operation and abandoned because he was a boy. In some dairies, before the boy is abandoned or sold to be slaughtered, they are kept tied several feet from their anxious mothers to appease their bellows, but purposefully too far for them to nurse, so that the milk can all be sold.

When he was finally abandoned on the street to eat garbage and fend for himself, he still had the rope tied around his neck. As he grew, the rope gradually began to cut through the layers of skin, deeper and deeper. For some weeks it may not have been obvious to passers by that the rope was buried in his skin, but when maggots entered the wound the flesh became more and more visible, and finally someone saw, cared and called us to rescue him. What a sweetheart he was, at first trembling with fear and pain; but soon, throughout 6 weeks of daily wound dressings, Jimmy nestled into the warmth of the other cows and the people who cared for him.

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