Burtie’s amazing recovery after life-threatening injury

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When we rescued Burtie, he had a deep wound under his ear extending down his neck that was horribly infected. His eyes were almost sealed over with discharge and he could barely stand. It’s possible that he was bitten by another dog and that without treatment and a weak immune system the wounds became infected and his health quickly deteriorated.

Animal Aid’s rescue service is well-known throughout Udaipur, but there are still animals who fall through the cracks. Burtie’s injuries were many days old, and by the time the call was made to report his critical state it was almost too late.


As soon as we rescued him and got him back to the shelter we flushed his wounds clean, bandaged him up, started him on anti-biotics, painkillers, and I.V. fluids.

When we went home in the evening we weren’t sure he was going to make it through the night.

But to our delight, when we arrived at the shelter the next morning he was alive and already looking much brighter. He had a good appetite and even came out of his kennel to have a walk around. Within just a week his progress was remarkable. The infection was gone from his wounds, his eyes were bright and his whole affect was happier.


From this point everything was downhill. He had made it through terrible infection and was ready to thrive again. Every day we flushed his wounds and used the moist healing method to ensure the most rapid healing.

Every day he was stronger and soon he wanted to make friends.

Today, after 2 months of treatment and care and being neutered, dewormed and vaccinated, Burtie is 100% healed and beautiful. Thank you for supporting Animal Aid and making Burtie’s recovery possible.




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  • saga sundström

    Thank you so much for your work! I wish I could spend more donating. But little by little.
    Greeting from Finland!

  • Lupe

    What you all do is extremely heart warming and beautiful. Keep up the great work. Thank you! ♡♡♡

  • Jandy

    God Bless you all for what you are doing for these animals. In my experience, animals are by far more deserving and capable of love than humans.

  • You guys are amazing!!!

  • Kris Mortimer

    The work you do is heart warming I just wish I could come out there and help you all are unbeleivable man needs to be taught not to abuse these poor animals they dont ask for that they just all want love

  • Setu Nayyar

    Hello Team,

    First of all, I wish to congratulate you guys on doing such a generous work by saving Street Dogs and other animals. They keep on roaming from here and there and there is always a chance they might get hurt by oncoming traffic or people who hate them(they also seem to hate humanity). But by your constant efforts, strong will and equal respect for street animals and pets, you’re not only saving their precious lives, but restoring their faith in humanity and I am sure before they head out again, they will think twice before hurting because if there are people who are willing to kill them for no reason or just because they can’t speak, there are many others like you who care for them and wish they are also healthy and contribute in keeping our surroundings clean.

    However, I reside in Paschim Vihar, New Delhi and I have one such neighbour who killed a small puppy by his car just because he hates them. He crushed that small one with his Hyundai Verna because the puppy didn’t have that much time to get away from his place when he was coming driving at a speed of around 80kmph.

    When someone asked him why he did kill the pup, his reply was shocking. He said, “kya farak padta hai? Yeh Janwar sara din gandgi failate hain aur meri gaadi ke samne khade ho jate hain. Ab agar yeh hatenge nahi to mujhe responsible citizen hone ke naate inka kuch to krna hi padega na? Acha hua mar gya, bina baat ke pareshan krta rehta tha sala.” I wished I could just thrash that guy with my own car but given the fact we in India care for a human being’s life but there is no worth at the same time for a dog’s life.

    Our Govt.. even doesn’t care for these strays and fails in every aspect when it comes to caring for these beautiful creatures of god.

    All I request is that please let me know about any organization here in Delhi which does the same work as you guys are doing so whenever I spot any animal in a bad condition, I can at least inform the organization if I can’t help them myself.

    Also, please let me know if I can do something about people harassing these stray animals like complaining about the incident to some authority, police station or something like that so these humans can feel the same pain they give to the strays.

    Thanks & regards.

    Setu Nayyar(Mob.- 9910074921).

  • Maureen Richards

    Thank you, how many vets do you have who work in your rescue centure? You are doing a wonderful job. How are you funded does your Goverment help?

  • Nadine

    Needless to say, but you make the world a better place! Thank you <3

  • David

    This is the most exceptional work! This month I probably will be spending money on a plane ticket for a dog that is going to be adopted in north Italy, however, as soon as this project is over I absolutely have you first on the list for my next donation. I don’t think anyone with a heart could NOT want to donate.

  • David

    Hello! Here we are 12 days later and it HAS been possible for me to donate. In the end I only had to pay the rescue dog’s plane ticket to North Italy so I had enough left to donate $25 to you – David

  • Hilary

    I really believe in you! you all are my heroes and their angels… This world needs more people like you.
    De verdad que mi admiración por todos ustedes no tiene limite!
    los saludo desde colombia, un lugar en el que por suerte existe gente como ustedes!

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