Bull crashes through glass door and faints on shop floor

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A street bull crashed through the glass door of a clothing shop in a small market in Udaipur. When he fell into the small shop, glass shattering everywhere, he lost consciousness and was unable to stand when our rescue team arrived. While a huge crowd gathered, Animal Aid rescuers got much-needed help from police officers to carry the bull to the ambulance. Back at Animal Aid, Goldie awakened and stood after just a few hours. Watch this big gentle boy’s recovery after an awful ordeal.

Please donate. Because sometimes even big boys need help.

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  • Kim Collins

    Wow, that was a very unusual rescue. The staff that go out on rescues are amazing. I love that no animal is too small or too big for your team!

  • Christina

    Great work ANIMAL AID! Im so happy to be helping from afar (via donations). Love an best wishes to you all, CX

  • C L Weck

    Quite an endeavor but thank you for helping that lovely bull.

  • louisa byrd

    Wow what a nice rescue especially since everyone helped. It must have been a frightening experience for the shop owner. Is Goldie still with you. Is he doing alright.

  • premraj

    Thanks animalaidunlimited.

  • Luke

    Great rescuers
    Wish you guys the best?

  • Anil

    Good work!

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