Bull collapsed in sewage ditch rescued

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This gorgeous bull lost his footing one rainy morning and slipped straight down into a 6-foot deep sewage ditch just wide enough for his body. Bulls, though incredibly strong, are not very nimble on their feet and get stuck easily. They need a lot of momentum to stand and when they don’t have enough room to sway forward to hoist themselves up, they just can’t do it and they become defeated very quickly.


When we reached, there were dozens of neighbors gathered around who had been trying to get him out but to no avail. He was completely collapsed and laying with his head right in the flowing sewage.

Working as a team with the group of neighbors and shopkeepers we got two ropes under his belly and hoisted him up.





As soon as he was out he stood right up, and stuck around just long enough for us to spray antiseptic fly spray on a few scrape wounds he’d gotten in the fall.





Thank you for your generous support, ensuring that street animals in Udaipur get help when they need it most.


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  • sharan

    such a great job

  • Rahul sreekumar

    I have watches almost all your rescues.that had inspired me.thank you guys for saving poor animals and you are angels..

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