Brutally injured puppy defies all odds

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The panic in his eyes was simply awful to witness as this injured puppy struggled to escape excruciating pain. Jeremy, a 4 month old street puppy, had been run over by a vehicle. Both his front legs were injured—one totally devastated and almost torn off– and hanging from flesh. From the impact of the car his teeth had punctured through his upper lip. Confused, he kept biting at the crushed leg. Our rescue team rushed him to Animal Aid’s hospital where we immediately gave him pain relief, IV fluids and bandaged his wounds and as soon as his condition stabilized the following day we amputated his mangled front leg.

But the coming weeks filled us with worry because Jeremy’s heart seemed even more broken than his body. Every day our caregivers spent time trying to encourage him to relax and accept affection but he just couldn’t. He only wanted to hide.

But as the weeks passed something slowly started to change…the boy who it seemed no one could cheer up started to smile…

Watch Jeremy’s astounding transformation in the video above and please donate to save injured street animals in India.

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  • louisa byrd

    Thank you for saving this beautiful babies life. I am so happy that he finally found his joy. God bless you all.??

  • Elizabeth Goudge

    May all those who care for – and heal – those who can’t speak for themselves, have a life filled with blessings

  • Fiona Ingram

    Thank you for saving this brave little boy. Every life matters!

  • Susanne Berg

    It is a wonderful job you are doing! Thank you!

  • elly

    This was shocking to see, but you beautifull people rescued him. Like so many lives.
    Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

  • Annette

    As always your work makes me speechless. All the best and a happy life to this little man. Hope he finds a family which adopts him. He deserves it!

  • jeanette

    wonderful people. will send a few more dollars the beginning of the year. take care and God Bless All of You and Your Families

  • Gracie

    That Is So Sad To Here About


    Encore des miracles ! C’est magnifique et j’en pleure toujours de joie ! Merci à Erika et toute son équipe, vous êtes des anges !

  • Lucia

    Thank you. You are angels of them. ❤

  • Laurie

    Bless you all who save, care for and love these animals. You are true human beings. I hope my donation helps.

  • Reine

    Love you all! You are the angels that walk among us!

  • maggie geddes

    You are all wonderful human beings and Angels to these suffering Animals that you rescue and treat their Shocking injuries and give them a second chance of life. the love and care you give them is exemplary and all the Dog’s look so happy to be in your loving care. I will donate again. Thanks to everyone at AAU

  • Janice Ayton

    You’re all amazing with total devotion and unlimited love for all those you rescue, and even those you can’t I suspect. But ironically those who are too injured to release back to the streets are the lucky ones, as they get to stay fed, comfortable, safe and loved.

  • Debbie

    Unbelievable how wonderful you are in helping these poor creatures live a better life. Heartbreaking stories that end with a smile for all!! God bless you.

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