Brutally beaten donkey finds love at last

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This is a very difficult story to tell, so we’ll start with the good news. This donkey is peaceful, happy and will live the rest of his life without fear or pain here in Animal Aid.

But the bad news is horrendous. He had been beaten. Tied and brutally, repeatedly, hit with a pipe. The blows to his head were so heavy that his left eye ruptured. Cuts and bruises covered his body. We learned after the rescue that a man had beaten his rival’s donkey after a fight. That’s right—to make the point about what a tough guy he was, he beat someone’s donkey almost to death.

We immediately filed a police case and helped find the abusive monster. He was arrested, and is now awaiting trial. This beautiful donkey, who we’ve named Veeru, which means “brave” in Hindi, gradually healed and began the long process of overcoming his fear of people. Veeru has travelled a very long road to be loved, and home at last.

Please donate. And let’s never stop trying to change the world for animals

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  • Patricia Mitchell

    To all of my kind hearted friends who do so much for all the lovely innocent animals. My heart is always with you x

  • Evelyn Lennon

    I enjoy seeing the countless times that you bring these animals from death’s door to restore their health, and gain their trust. I can’t explain in words what I think about the caring and loving attention these animals get at Animal Aid Unlimited.I wish I could donate, but I can’t. If I lived closer I would volunteer my time for these animals. New Jersey United States of America.

  • Elizabeth Bennett

    This was a truly difficult story to watch. Thank-you to the man who came to Animal Aid about the abuse. I hope the authorities take this crime very seriously.
    Enjoy your new loving home Veeru! Wonderful work again from the incredible team at Animal Aid India. It is an honor to support your efforts.

  • Jessica


  • Joyce

    I will never, ever understand how someone can be so void of heart as to inflict such horrendous treatment on an innocent animal. If he doesn’t spend a long time in jail, I will be really disappointed. He needs mental evaluation and help. I’m really glad Animal Aid was there to take care of Veeru and that he is slowly realizing that not all people are cruel. Thank you Animal Aid for what you do!

  • Marie STORMS

    Beautiful Veeru has been given care, love and a forever home thanks to Animal Aid India. His wounded body has been healed and his soul is healing also. Now this precious one can start to trust again the world wherein he lives. What a great work you do! It’s a honour to be a small part of it with my little donation. LOVE to the whole team.

  • Palak Gohil

    Hello guys you are doing very well I’m following you on Facebook i want to donate some rupees to you can i donate through Paytm?

  • Angela

    Thanks for helping! I can’t understand how someone can do something like that! But now Veeru has a lovely home. Thank to all the angels from Animal Aid!

  • Daria Fedyshyn

    How anyone could do this to an innocent animal has no soul. There is so much evil in this person that you can smell his black heart. My sister Karma is waiting to give him what he deserves…when it comes, it will be so much worse than he gave to this precious being!

  • Jaya

    V nice .it takes much to help tge voiceless

  • pym

    the most gentle,hardest working of all creatures.


    How cruel,he looked so pitiful it made me cry, thank you for helping him he looks incredible now. I am so pleased the monster who did this has been caught. Thank you again for helping another poor animal in pain and distress xx

  • shauna

    Animal Aid Unlimited, I will support you till I die

  • Millie

    Est il possible de faire du bénévolat si on ne parle que le Français ?

  • Malin von Elern

    ❤️🙏🏻 fantastic work you do🙌🏽 Heros

  • Lalit jagtap

    Super brother i like it i join in your club in open my city plzz help me

  • Sophia De Santos

    When l saw him l almost couldnt breathe the anquish of seeing this. Thank you all from the deoth of my soul for the person that made that call, and the people that do this work. I will send some money, and for the Evil person that did this to an innocent helpless creature, l feel his punishment should be the same as what he did to tbis Donkey.

  • Melissa Greene

    When I just watched the video of this precious animal beaten, bleeding and helpless – it hurt me as well. WHY??? Would some hurt an innocent animal is beyond me???

    I am glad charges were pressed against the owner. In addition, I hope the owner is punished to the highest level.

    I agree, with Sophia’s message above. I would suggest beating him down to that same extent. However, I will refrain myself from thinking and stooping to his level. His punishment should be to feed and care for this animal (supervised) daily for the next 5 years. Along, with having to feed, water, clean up after ALL the animals as his community service punishment and contribution to society.

    I do donate to Animal Aid Unlimited (and the owners, staff and volunteers) and they really do care and love all these animals unconditionally.

    It obviously takes a village to care and try to make a difference (for the actions of one human being that has such low self-esteem to feel better beating down an animal for no reason.

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