Bollywood Star Udita Goswami at Animal Aid

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Udita Goswami and Claire

Bollywood actor Udita Goswami (famous for her roles in Paap, Zeher, and Aksar) thrilled us all by VISITING THE ANIMAL AID HOSPITAL TODAY!!!

Both radiant and serene, Udita took the time to kneel down and greet dozens of rescued street animals.

Although she admitted that it was difficult for her to look at some of the serious recovering wounds, she said she felt that despite the painful injuries, the animals were very happy and that that made her feel great to see.

She met the dog (featured in a previous Post) who was beaten with a rock, and then whose guardian filed an FIR which resulted in an arrest. She said she was impressed to hear about Udaipur police taking action on behalf of a street dog, because she knows how generally difficult it can be to involve police in animal abuse cases.

Udita helped Udaipur street dogs in April by writing to the Udaipur Commissioner to express her concern over the cruel and illegal treatment of street dogs by the Municipal Corporation. When she learned that the practice is still going on she started strategizing with Animal Aid about further ways to protect the street dogs, including reaching out to politicians and actors.

Before she left she felt the soft nose of a baby donkey for the first time and asked if she could name the rescued baby “Princess.”

Udita and "Princess"

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  • Leonard DSouza

    Brett & I missed meeting Udita by just a few hours as we were on our homeward journey when she came .::Leo::

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