Badly wounded old dog stuck in gate rescued

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We got a call to rescue a dog stuck in a gate. But when we arrived, our rescuers found an old dog in much more serious trouble. Not only was she completely stuck between very narrow bars in a gate, but she had massive maggot infested wounds on her backside. Unable to pull her body through the bars or pry them open, we had to call in a metal cutter and have him cut one of the bars off the gate.
Once we got her back to the shelter, we began treating her wounds, started fluids for her dehydration, antibiotics and pain medication. Her wounds were severe, and with her old age recovery would be an uphill battle. But Dotty is a brave, spirited little lady, and she wasn’t about to give up.
Please donate today for street animals who need you now!
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  • louisa byrd

    Thank you so much for saving Dottie. She is beautiful. What amazing transformations you all do with these beautiful furbabies. God bless you all for the work that you.

  • Cathy Smith

    what is that beautiful song in the background??

  • Cathy Smith

    love y’all

  • Cheryl Marcotte

    I am always so touched at the kindness and life saving help all of the wonderful people at AnimalAid give these needy beautiful creatures, giving to this organization is such a joy. Thank You


  • Harry

    I am very happy my swing video ????

  • Fiona Ingram

    Thanks for saving Dotty, what a brave dog.

  • Hohl

    Thank you,I will donate every Month.Thank lot

  • Lucy

    How people behind the gate can left a dog a couple months.J don’t understand it,maybe im stupid but I cannot believe it.
    Great people in rescu services.I like your job and daily fighting to get a help for bad treatment animals .
    Big respect guys and finger cross be better in the future because people should to think about animals.

  • maggie geddes

    thank you so much for saving the beautiful Dottie. What a sweet old Lady she is. She would nevr have felt love and kindess in all her old life and to see her looking so happy is so heart-warming. No matter how long or short her life is now at least she knows what it is to be treated with love and kindness. I love you all at Animal Aid.

  • Bonnie Dugan

    What fabulous people you are….I love that dog…& all due to you that she survived…so much pain she had….Thank you……………………………………

  • Rose Huber

    You are all so wonderful! Bless you for all your kindness.

  • Baljeet Kaur

    You guy’s doing amazing work…. M try to get in touch with any this kind of organisation… I m putting up in Delhi and working too…. But I wanted to do this… Guide me please….

  • Moira Galvin

    Well done to all you lovely people who do so much for so many animals you rescue & give them another chance at a better life. You are all heros x

  • Leisa Moore

    Thank you to all the beautiful people at Animal Aid Unlimited for the help and love you give the animals. Thank goodness you are there to rescue and rehabilitate animals with some of the worse injuries I have ever seen. Love to you all. xxx

  • Mary

    Thank God for Animal Aid, I wish I could help more but I am sending you all I can and will keep on giving so you can save more animals. God bless you for your COMPASSION!!!

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