Baby jackal rescued from well

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100' well where the baby jackal had fallen into and lay in a foot of water

We received the call this morning that a dog had fallen into a well. Rescue team Ramu and Dinesh (Nana) arrived at the well to find that it was a young wild jackal who had fallen into the more than 100ft deep well. They could see the baby laying in about a foot of water, barely able to lift his head or stand. Looking down into the well it is hard to imagine how Ramu and Dinesh managed to get the jackal into a net and up to safety.

The jackal was treated for shock and hypothermia and quickly recovered

They got him out by tying our dog-catching butterfly net onto a long rope, weighted down with heavy rocks, and after almost an hour managed to get him into the net and up to safety. We don’t know how long he had been in the well but judging by his hypothermic, nearly unconscious condition, it may have been all night. Back at the hospital Dr. Smriti treated him for shock and hypothermia and he quickly began to recover.  He rested in a quiet, covered kennel away from the other dogs and to our delight made a full recovery by evening.

At nightfall we brought him to the base of a mountain near to the well, opened the gate and watched him fly out of the kennel and disappear into the hill side within a moment!

Back into the wild within the blink of an eye!

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