Baby donkey rescued with gaping hole in forehead

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How was little April able to even stand with a hole in her forehead so deep that we could see her skull bone inside? Maybe it was her mother’s love that kept her staying close, and staying alive.

The wound was so infected and extensive that even after rescuing her we were worried she might not survive. But thankfully we got her just in time to remove the maggots that had infested the wound before they killed her. Within just 10 days the infection was gone along with the severe swelling, and she was eating with gusto.

Thank you friends for your generous support, which saved the life of this special angel.

Please donate to save injured street animals in India when they need us the most.

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  • Sidharth

    Rescue and be the best rescue centre in the world


    Thanks a lot its hartbtaeking you are the ANGELS

  • maggie gedde

    Thank you for saving this beautiful Donkey. They are very special Animals Donkeys. Without your rescue she would have died for sure from infection. You are all amazing people. I will donte soon.

  • Elly Roeffen

    And again thanks so much for your help to animals, you all still and stay in my heart!
    I will donate again off course if i can!

  • Evelyn Lennon

    If I won a large unbelievable amount of money. I would take a trip to India and donate to your cause. I love the precious way you treat all the animals, and how trusting they are, when they have some serious problems. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
    Today is August 15th. God Bless all of you for your undying love for these animals.

  • Smits Yolanda

    I like to donate to your sanctuary Animal aids unlimited. For me it’s difficult becose you ask for dollars. I live in Belgium and we pay with euro’s. I’m 65 jears old and no longer wurking,alone and have a little pension in other words i have a minimum income to live from. From this minimum money i like to give you a little amount of monney because al the work you do for the animals with all that love and care, for that… thank you ….So my question to you; is there a other way to contribute euro’s on a monthly base so i will donate this 10 euro’s to you every month.? Forgive me all the faults in this lettre: Yolanda Smits Taxandriastraat,12 2300 Turnhout Belgium

  • Hollie Hollon

    Thank you to you and your entire wonderful and compassionate team that save so many animals. You all make a huge difference in this crazy and insane world for animals and we thank you. That is why I donate to you because of what you do. Keep up the good work and many many blessings to your whole team and of course all the animals.

  • Sylvia Rottenberg

    I am always so happy and deeply touch GOD bless you mervellous people!

  • louisa byrd

    It is so amazing what you all do. How you can take such sick and wounded animals and transform them. God bless you all. Love you.😊🌹

  • maggie geddes

    Thank you for saving this precious little Donkey. They are beautiful animal’s and do not get the respect they so deserve. I have no idea what could have caused that gaping hole in her head but a huge thanks to you all at AAU. You are all my heroes and earth Angels.I donated recently and will again.

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