Animal Aid relieving the silent suffering of a donkey…and a man

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While rescuing this injured donkey, we spotted the injured man behind

While rescuing a donkey with a severely injured leg and high fever, Animal Aid staff members spotted a familiar figure of a mentally disturbed man who regularly sleeps on the median in the spot we see him here in this photo.

His family are street dogs and they share the same bedding. This time Animal Aid staff noticed flies assembling in great droves on his legs, and decided to step in and help.

Animal Aid veterinary nurse, Mangi Lal, cleaning the infected wound

We are grateful to the thousands of animals who have taught us how to be gentle and determined; this man gave us no resistance and promised to leave the bandage on for 3 days when we’ll be back to change it.

Seen here is Mangi Lal, Veterinary Nurse, who thoroughly cleaned the very old infected wound. A chemist across the street saw the goings-on and provided anti-biotics. The pan-wala next door promised to spray fly-repellent on the wound every day.

And the chai wala gave the old fellow tea, as he does, at no charge, many times during every day.

It often happens that human beings forget to see the animals around them, we are so habituated to caring mainly for our own kind. But for animal care-givers, we may be so preoccupied with our search for injured animals that we pass by our fellow human beings. There is a saying: in suffering, a pig is a dog is a bear is a boy– is a mentally disturbed street dwelling man.


After treatment, the man sits with his faithful friends

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  • Christine Jones

    This is the only charity I give to because it is the only charity I can see where my money is going. Follow my lead!!

  • Julie

    WOW!!!I have been stopping to say hello and give food to this man for years! Thank you so much for helping him. Wonderful work once again by Animal Aid! xoxoxo

  • Sanjit Chohan

    Hey Guys You are really doing great Job.

    I Support you and say thanks to you on behalf of Udaipur

    Sanjit 🙂

  • vishal panchal

    great mangi lal ji keep it up………..

  • Patrick Murphy

    you guys are awesome ! love Mongi lal, nice work !!

  • amritha

    hey…! animal aid.. it is not at all a surprise for me when u guys initiate for this cause, many ppl say that “animal lovers” never seem interested in huma beings..!! or say that ur heart like stone for the human beings, i never felt i need to answer such ppl in any manner…!!!! the sincere work of yours has attracted me and given me a spark… i owe a lot to animal aid society……!!

  • Beulah Barradas

    Please, please, anyone who reads this, spare a moment and think of our many fellow-people who are in dire straits on the street and still take time to look after ‘strays’. If they care, who have nothing, why can’t we……..please donate no matter how small or big. God Bless Animal Aid.

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