Animal Aid goes to Nepal border to stop sacrifice

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Mass animal sacrifice at last Gadhimai festival in Nepal

Mass animal sacrifice at last Gadhimai festival in Nepal

Gadhimai is the name of a goddess who is believed by devotees to live in a Hindu temple in Nepal. Every five years a big festival is organised to honor her supposed love of drinking fresh blood.

Estimates based on the debauchery of slaughtering hundreds of thousands of animals in 2009, when the last Gadhimai Mela was held, suggest that as many as 500,000 animals could be beheaded for slaughter this year on 26 and 27 November in Nepal.

Animal sacrifice here in the Asian subcontinent involves no stunning. Animals are beheaded by amateurs with dull knives. Throats are slashed by amateurs with knives or glass. With the thousands of carcasses laying around, entrepreneurial meat exporters and leather traders come in droves to buy the carcasses.

Most animals are pre-sold, and are usually deprived food and water for days leading up to their deaths. Transported on trucks intended for a fraction as many animals, the suffering prior to slaughter is unthinkable.

Animal Aid joined other Indian volunteers, the Animal Welfare Board of India, and border police in order to prevent the illegal transport of Indian animals across the India-Nepal border.

Jim Myers and Deen Dayal of Animal Aid with activists at Nepal/India border

Jim Myers and Deen Dayal of Animal Aid with activists at Nepal/India border (Photo credit: Ravi Kumar)

Animal Aid co-founder Jim Myers and veterinary nurse Deen Dayal have been at the border since 18th November, patrolling and educating border patrol officers about the latest orders from the Supreme Court and the AWBI requirements of permissions required for transport across national border.

Thanks to the tremendous work of Minister Mrs Maneka Gandhi, Gauri Maulekhi (People for Animals), Humane Society International – India head Jayasimha and Dawn William (Blue Cross of India,) Indian animal traffickers seem to be aware of the restriction and the numbers of animals is far reduced this year from what was seen in 2008. We are delighted to report that most of our work has been in conveying information about court orders and the law—not in stopping trucks intending to break those laws.

Jim Myers’ reports: “It has been an outstanding public relations performance for everyone concerned and I am proud of the Animal Aid contingent, who have charged forth in a disaster-potential mode, with our fingers crossed that it will stay peaceful.”



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  • Carlie

    How can we do more

  • Linda

    well done guys my thoughts and energy were with you.

  • Arpan Dutta

    I shall be happy to volunteer

  • khushboo Gupta

    please let me know how can I do this for Howrah (India) street animals

  • jenni german

    This makes my heart & soul weep…so good that there are compassionate hearts out there! My prayers go with you to stop this atrocious barbarity.

  • Tanya Castro

    Please contact cnn America and cnn I terrain al to bring more awareness to this horrible practice.
    The more international attention it receives the better the chances are for these animals to be spared.
    Thank you for your tireless work and devotion.
    Blessings sent your way,
    Best of luck to you.

  • Gloria Gordon

    Thank you for what you do. I know it must be hard, continually hard. Education is needed for people who would do this. We should pull ALL aid to countries where this is allowed.


    me gustaria mucho hacer ayuda como la de ud…….en la India, felicidades Una bendición para ud……..Dios los bendiga

  • Jie

    How can I be your volunteer? Do you need chinese volunteer? I love animal, and I am a vegetarian.

  • Sonja Frick

    I am deeply touched by your work helping the poorest of poor creatures. Bless you all. My donation is on it’s way and I am planning to visit some time in the future to help out. Sending warmest regards from Germany. Sonja x

  • bhagyasri

    i am can I join.i want to be animalaid in guntur also so many animals want help.plz do something.

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