An adorable old street dog almost died from a huge wound in his ear

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We cannot imagine the excruciating agony this gracious old street dog was in when his ear was shredded and devoured by maggots. When we arrived at the house where he had taken shelter in a bathroom, we found a dog hiding as they will often do when they think they’re going to die. His reaction to seeing his rescuers was amazing. Watch the surprise old Dylan had in store!

Dylan wouldn’t have had a chance without the help of so many kind souls who support our rescues.

Donate to save street angels in India.

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  • Reine

    You are the most wonderful people. I pray every day the God bless you all for all the wonderful work you do for His animal friends

  • Shaw Harper

    I want you all at AAU to form a giant circle (if you ever get the time!), and pat each other on the back, not because it will give you a break, but to acknowledge the fact that every time you find and treat a wounded animal you have transformed it’s life, and saved it from an agonising death. So many just walk past.

  • Louisa Byrd

    Thank you for saving Dylan. He is so sweet. Even when he saw Ganpat he was wagging his tail. He must have been so happy to know help was there for him. Thank you so much for caring and loving these beautiful babies. God bless each one of you.❤??

  • Sue Merchant

    I believe you are literally ‘Angels in human form’! I feel privileged to have discovered Animal Aid Unlimited on You Tube and my partner and I will now give whatever financial and on and off line Sharing help we can for the rest of our lives! The extraordinary amount of love, kindness and compassion you show to all the helpless, voiceless souls you rescue is inspirational !

  • Kim

    You guys always make
    Me cry tears of joy! I love your work and I love you all!… your amazing!!! How did u cure those dogs frommmange so fast? What’s your secret?..

  • KhepriSun

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

  • Myrto Karekou

    My dear friends!
    Not only you save animals, and make them recover once and for all from their tortures, but, as we can see, you deeply care for them and love them. I simply admire you… I wish I could be there to help you in any way.
    Thank you so much!

  • ruchi

    You are upto a most superior work in this world anyone can do….indeed you should start your branches throughout india…there are many people up for animal welfare if they get an oppurtunity like this

  • maggie geddes

    I think you are all amazing human beings helping these innocent Animals and I love how caring and compassionate you all are in rescuing and giving them the love and care they so deserve. I will donate. Please keep up the great work you do. God bless you all.

  • Debbie grottola

    Thank you guys for all you do. I hope Dylan has got a great forever home. What a sweet dog. All the animals that you save has been a blessing

  • Andrea

    I would love to donate any food and money I”m an animal lover and I’ll do anything to help them

  • Jose Orozco

    This brought tears to my eyes..I am donating with my CC. Please keep doing what you do, you have noble hearts.

  • Helen W.

    Thank you for all your dedication and love for these poor animals. Could not help crying. You are truly the best. Such kindness, caring for these lost and innocent animals. I truly admire each and everyone of you. Even in your handling always seem so gentle and loving. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Mehul godse

    Hello everyone..
    You animalaid group are doing such a great job.your videos are proving that there are such a great people in this world whom we can trust.
    I also want to b part of this aid group.since i also love animals alot.
    In india now people trust animals since they are loyal to humans.

    I would like to help you group
    Please mail me for involving me in this group too

  • Vanessa Gaier

    It is true that when people come together and connect over a common cause, good can prevail. The committment of your wonderful staff day in day out was a humbling experience for me and my son. The dogs ability to love unconditionally is heartwarming and life changing and the volunteers that we met were so delightful.
    Thank you for allowing the experience, it will forever be imprinted on our hearts.

  • Elizabeth

    Wonderful work! So happy I can donate monthly.

  • Karen Seabirne-lasmi

    To all at AnimalAid. You are the most amazing people in the world for your kindness, compassion and dedication! I cannot put it into words but I have so much respect for you all!
    Thank you!


    I took a sweet little mange ridden pitty puppy from abusive people physically. I grabbed the dogs leash and ran. She was adopted by a
    lovely family upstate. No abuse for defenseless animals. Educate the young. Prosecute those that will not learn!!

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