Amazing transformation of a dog with mange

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When we found Pushkar, a street dog, curled up in a ball on the side of the road, it looked like he was just waiting to let nature take its course to die. He was emaciated and suffering from severe mange. He had lost all of his fur and his skin was sore and bleeding from many places.

When our ambulance arrived, he didn’t even lift his head to see who was coming near. We caught him with a net to make 100% sure we would successfully rescue him leaving no chance for him to run away and go another day without treatment.

When we got him back to the Animal Aid hospital, one of our care-givers, Amrita, sat with him and tried to feed him biscuits and pet him. It was obvious though that he hadn’t been shown love or kindness in a very long time. He painfully flinched even before Amrita had even touched his forehead.

Over the next 2 months of treatment and care, Pushkar made a truly incredible transformation.

Please donate today to save street animals in India like Pushkar.

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  • Elaine Mitchell

    Hi Erika,Jim Claire and all your wonderful volunteers… Here is another donation from the Theatre company to put towards your wonderful wonderful work.. So touching… wish it was more… More strength to you all.. Much love to you and all the beautiful animals ..Elaine in Ceres Australia

  • muriel escop

    you are wonderfull ,i try to make people knowing your work in France,warm regards.

  • Sheryl

    Does anyone know what happened to this wonderful dog after the wonderful rescuers saved pushkar.

  • Gabriel

    You guys did a wonderful job with these dogs..Keep it up. My dog has some patches due to Mange infection. Please can yoi share with me the treatment you used on the dogs. Awaiting your kind response. Thank you.

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