Amazing recovery of baby donkey attacked by a wild animal

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This incredibly sweet, tiny baby donkey was attacked by a wild animal, and she suffered more than a dozen bite wounds. The shock alone might have been enough to kill her. But little Genevieve survived and thrived because of daily wound dressings and the incredible love her emotional mama gave her every step of the way. Watch her mama’s reaction during Genevieve’s first medical treatment at Animal Aid and meet the little lady today, all healed and so happy.

Without emergency rescue, this almost surely would have ended in tragedy. But thanks to your support this loving mother has her beloved baby by her side today.

Donate for Mamas when they desperately need help for their babies.

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  • elly from the Netherlands

    Hi deer people, this is great like usual. Are they going to stay with you all safe? Or is it not possible?

  • A, Gadre

    Keep up the good work. Bless you all.

  • Sherlie Carlisle

    Such a sweet little donkey and the mother is awesome! I thank all of you that help these precious animals every day at Animal Aid Unlimited.

  • Melissa Renninger

    I am so happy for all of the beautiful innocent animals that Animal Aid Unlimited rescues and saves every day. I intend on making a monthly donation to this wonderful organization. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THE ANIMALS!!!

  • Samantha Martel

    I love you all. Special Angels to the animals!???

  • Mark Banin

    I’ve just made a small donation and have shared your page with my Facebook friends. You guys are amazing. I feel honoured to share the same planet with you.

  • Huongpham

    Thank you for keeping mama and baby donkey toghether when rescuing them love you guys

  • Angela Y from Canada

    Thank you for the amazing animal rescues. I love donkeys… they are intelligent, loyal and loving. It breaks my heart to see them work to the bones in developing countries most of the time with no proper care, food or water and mistreated. I just made a donation as a THANK YOU TO YOUR GREAT WORK AND LOVE FOR ANIMALS !

  • Bonnie Palmer

    I love the healing you do for so many animals. Thank you. I don’t have very much but I wanted to at least send you $25 with hopes that someone will double it as today is the day for doubling donations.

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