After extreme abuse, donkey abandoned to die. Then…

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Multiple knife-sharp ropes cut into this extremely abused donkey’s flesh. We saved Frankie’s life with 3 months of intense wound dressings, and he’s happy now. But the real story here is the on-going abuse happening to all working animals. They are tied, threatened, often beaten, caged, frightened and chained as pack animals, as racehorses, as bulls in the ring…that’s why we’re sharing this painful story. Not only to show the beauty of Frankie’s survival and healing, but to let his story ring out to announce the extreme danger to all animals who are enslaved for human profit. Abuse happens in subtler forms every moment. In Frankie’s case the abuse is extreme and visible. But make no mistake, in your own country, wherever you are, animal abuse is legal, and we need to change that. Please donate.

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