Acid attack victim’s awe-inspiring recovery

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When we got the call on our rescue helpline about a street dog who had been attacked with acid, our spirits sank. We were afraid of the suffering we were about to witness and the terrible reality that this kind of senseless cruelty exists in this world.

Unimaginable pain must have seared through her when this sweet girl was viciously attacked with acid. All the layers of her skin down to the muscle dissolved. When we rescued her, we promised her she’d have our love forever.

Over the next 5 months we treated her wound and she slowly healed.

We worried that such cruelty might have permanently hurt her soul.

But just watch how Honey responded to love.

Donate today to fight cruelty with love.

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  • Yogesh Kumar

    Really great
    Animals are innocent

  • Suzanne

    Thank you all for everything you do.

  • Magdalena

    You guys are simply AMAZING,AND I love you sooooo.God bless you all and your heart. So much you gave ,to those poor animals. I cant imagen who can do such horrible thing.Your love you gave to them is best medicine for them that you gave,beside all the tratament you do to save them.Out of all I watch to me you are the best ever.May God gave you pouwer to allways be there for this innocent Angels.

  • louisa byrd

    What a horrible thing for someone to do. I pray that they are caught and punished. I am so happy that Honey is doing well. Thank you so much for caring for and loving her. God bless you all.

  • Susanne Berg

    How is it possible to be that cruel? I can’t understand. I don’t want to see the video, because my mind and soul gets so sad and dirty. Poor dog.

  • Maritza

    Toda mi admiración y respeto por su trabajo, su entrega a estos maravillosos seres es inmensa. Gracias, gracias, gracias por estar ahí para salvarlos. Todavía hay esperanzas en la humanidad.

  • parameshwaran

    Really great really really really great no words to say about this continue this heavenly work keep it up

  • Tracy B

    To the entire team at Animal Aid Unlimited – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the dedicated and never-ending work you do for the animals and the beautiful compassion you show them. I am so happy to be able to donate and support such a wonderful organization. Keep up the superb work that you do!

  • patrizia

    You are just wonderful angels and I wish you the best for everything you do, I love you.

  • Sandra Rothenberg

    Thank God and the God of the animal kingdom that you are here for them. It tears my heart to see how these darlings suffer on the streets at the hands of vicious and malicious people. And thank you for caring.

  • Christine Cotton

    The amazing miracles that you perform for these wrongfully abused innocent animals is so wonderful….I can’t thank you enough for what you do for them! I will be setting up a monthly donation to your organization…it can’t be a lot but if everyone donated a few dollars a month…just think how much that would add up to?!!!
    Thank you again for all you do for them.

  • Kati Niemi

    You do such a wonderful job.

  • Jenna Wiseman

    God I love this organization. I’m saving up 1000 dollars to donate!

  • Elluru.nikhilakumari

    Really Really​such a wonderful job you are doing I hope the God will helps u always thank u so much for saving pets and so many animals i feel very proud to tell there is no such a great job in this world WT u r dng .When am watching ur rescue videos I didn’t know when the tears come out of my eyes . GREAT JOB ?????????

  • maggie

    Thank you so much for healing beautiful honey from such an evil, wicked attack on an innocent animal. I love you all at AAU you do such an amazing job in rescuing the animals that would die a long and horrible death without you. You are amazing and god bless you all. I will donate againsoon.

  • diana hansen

    amazing work you guys are angels.

  • B ritushree

    Can I know where is this organization took place in India and how can I contact them

  • admin

    Hi! Animal Aid Unlimited is located in Udaipur, Rajasthan and you can get in touch with us by email :

  • Anand mehta

    It makes me almost cry to see such cruelty but u r all angels for all the animals u saved

  • Christy

    God bless you and thank you for all you do for animals!

  • Jan

    As always, your work both makes me want to cry, but also smile when I see how happy the animals are after they recover. The videos are heart-warming and you are an inspiration. It is wonderful the way you don’t give up on even seemingly hopeless cases. Every life is precious. I only wish I had more to give.

  • Ungur Denise

    You gays are angels!Thanks for help the dogs and everything!you the best!??❤❤❤

  • Dawn

    Thank you for everything you are doing for these wonderful innocent animals. They need your help and protection.

  • Ben and lea

    These clips are only the tip of the iceberg, every day the rescue ambulance brings in to the centre with menny different case’s of cruelty or injury, every animal is treated with respect and dignity and given medical treatment against all odds but most of all given hop and love.

    The reason we know this is true is because we have had an amazing week working with these earth angels, never have we seen such dedicated people,we are looking forward to helping in which ever way we can,seeing is believing,I hope one day you don’t just read about animal aid i hope you help animal aid,the difference can be made.

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