Abscess as big as balloon on street dog treated and healed

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We got a call to rescue a street dog in Udaipur who had developed a huge swelling under his chin over the period of about a week. A kind person in the neighborhood who feeds street dogs regularly had noticed the rapid swelling and called our helpline. The abscess was absolutely enormous–but that didn’t stop this waggy-tailed wonder from greeting his rescuers with a tremendous smile. We brought him back to Animal Aid’s hospital and began treatment with a surgical procedure to drain the melon sized mass of blood and pus–and yes, it was horrendous! but also so satisfying to relieve the pressure. Without treatment, the infection in the abscess could have led to blood poisoning (sepsis) and could have been deadly. Mango is a dog who loves to hug and he actually smiles—what a beautiful life to save!

Thank you deeply for your donation to save the street animals of India.

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  • Hazel harvey

    You are wonderful people xxx

  • louisa m byrd

    Once again, thank you so much for saving another babies life. He is so beautiful. Where is Ganpat. I haven’t seen him in any of the new rescues. I hope that he is still with you. Love you all.???

  • Marta

    Good job, guys! It’s the result of a work well done. We need dog shelters like yours in this world to rescue all those who need help, especially, in the streets of every city and every town. God bless you greatly.

  • Hazel harvey

    I will donate xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Susanne Berg

    Good work to save Mangoo! All dogs you treat seam so friendly? Are they all friendly?

  • maggie geddes

    So happy you rescued Mangoo and drained that horrible abscess i time. He is a such a happy boy but I noticed in all your videos that every Dog i the shelter is soooo happy to be there and they all love everybody. You can see how grateful they are for being loved and card for. I wish everybody at AAU a very good year in 2017. greetings from Scotland. I always donate when I can so will again.

  • Deys Reyes

    I just want to say that you all are great people. Love your job and all you do. Thanks for saving all those animals. ????

  • Sepideh bidmeshki

    Thank you so much for doing such an amazing thing for such amazing creatures I cannot wait until I save up and come to India to help volunteer and hopefully make that a regular yearly thing I also had to donate as much as I can for as long as I can . Thank you once again for being such amazing people and caring for amazing animals we really need more people like you !!!

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