Abandoned dying baby calf now safe forever

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So small. Discarded. Alone and almost faded away. Beautiful Merry was rescued after someone dumped her on the road. She must have walked until she was too weary to stand anymore. Or maybe her mother had died and the owner didn’t want to pay for milk. What we DO know is that Merry’s life is now filled with love. It took her 5 days before she could stand. She needed lots of physical contact which was lovingly provided by staff and volunteers. And she blossomed into the beautiful girl she is today. There are as many reasons to go vegan as there are animals killed for their meat and milk around the world every single day. Merry is one more beautiful reason to go vegan.

Click here to sponsor Merry’s life-long care in Animal Aid’s sanctuary.

To make a donation in support of street animal rescue click here. 

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  • maggie geddes

    Cows are so beautiful and precious and Merry would have died very soon if you and your wonderful team hadn’nt saved her just in time. She is now safe and loved thanks to you and so happy she pulled through and now living a happy life at the sanctuary. I love you all at AAU. Blessings to you all.

  • Carmen Valenzuela

    Blessings always

  • Joan Finkle

    You are all indeed Miracle Workers! THANK YOU! Please don’t ever stop the incredible work you do! I am donating to help, again and again.

  • Annette.smedts

    Continue to do your important work. Learn people that animals are living creations and that they are much more intelligent as we think they are. One day the world will understand this. Until.then help them,thank you all. Annette smedts, belgium.europe

  • Joyce

    It is so great to see her so full of life and happy! I donated to you folks for a short time. Unfortunately some of my own animals needed extra care so I had to stop. However, I hope I can donate again soon because I love being a part of what you do. I see the love and care you have for these animals. It’s amazing! I wish I could be there in person. The fact that there are people who are willing to give so much of their time and heart for those who have no voice is a beautiful thing to witness. Thank you.

  • Julia Stevenson-Renwick

    Love to all, always, Julia and the whole Clan x

  • louisa byrd

    It is amazing what you do for these precious babies. Thank God for Animal Aid Unlimited and the beautiful kind and caring people who work there. God bless you all.?❤

  • Catherine

    I will never understand what drives people to abuse animals but I am so thankful that you are there, taking care of so many poor and helpless creatures. Bless you for your compassion and good works. You are so inspiring! Catherine from Toronto, Canada.

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