A street dog desperately needed medical treatment and food

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When we rescued this darling girl her eyes seemed distant and lost. They were the eyes of someone whose soul had grown weary from too much agony. A wound on her neck stretched from her shoulders to the back of her head and was infested with maggots. The infection from the wound was so severe she was no longer able to look for food and judging by her terrible body conditions and protruding ribs it looked like she hadn’t eaten in days. She needed food as urgently as she needed emergency medical help.

After a month of daily wound care, today, her eyes sparkle with life. Her body condition quickly bounced back after several weeks of good eating and she has been spayed and vaccinated.

Watch until the end to see her gentle little smile.

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  • Dasvinder singh

    Your organisation is doing very noble cause, keep it up moreover I would like to contribute some donation.

  • Viviane Kindt

    What good angel people u all are working 4 this organization — I was heartbroken weeping but since it showed stories of half dead/injured neglected dogs being taken care off — and seeing the result …..I felt exhilarated —- god bless u all!!! After watching some of stories, I went to my 2 rescued dog labs — spoiled as they should be — and kissed, caressed, hugged them for ssoo long, then played w/ them ….. I kiss my dogs every day w/ thought that these kisses I give them are prayers and kisses for all the dogs who do not get them and are in state of help.
    I did donate and will do so more in future.
    January 6, 3016 –

  • Kim

    She has the sweetest face. Well done Animal Aid. Happy to support you all monthly.

  • Richard Rayner

    Please keep doing your work. You are true Animal Angels…. xxx

  • M. Sher-Kalter

    There are no words that can express the thanks. It will all come back to you.
    Please continue and never stop.

  • Rafa Guillot

    I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH !!! You are the best of this world !

  • Suzanne McDonald

    Words cannot express how much my heart is touched by seeing the work that you do, the suffering that you ease, the lives that you save. Thank you for your vision and your loving work. I will continue to offer asmall but steady donation each month and have sponsored animals when I am able.

  • maggie

    Another great rescue from everyone at AAU. you are all truly special people and very blessed dong the work that God sent you to do. I will donate again.

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