A starving dog’s beautiful transformation

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Perry, a young street dog, had mange and his condition had deteriorated so much that he was no longer strong enough to search for food. He was starving to death and we feared he might not survive another day even after we rescued him and immediately started him on IV fluids. He could barely lift his head and was the skinniest, sorriest boy we had ever seen. Even in his terrible state he was still a sweetheart and we could see he took great comfort in being pet and cuddled.

But 2 months later, after recovering from mange and bouncing back to a healthy weight we had no idea just how loving and friendly he would become.

Please donate to ensure darling dogs like Perry get the second chance at life they so deserve.

If you loved Perry’s recovery, please share it on Facebook and Twitter to help street animals get more help.

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  • Katrina

    What a recovery. Such a happy, sweet boy now. Thank you Animal Aid!

  • Lilian

    Bless you all! What a beautiful work!

  • Hildegarde

    I so love seeing animals being rescued and am very grateful for the human beings curing them and looking after them. I do have a question though: I though Indians were so protective of animals, seeing that reincarnation comes in all forms and sizes? Surely dogs, cats, cows, elephants, donkeys and all animals are worth being rescued, in view of reincarnation beliefs of which I also am a strongly believer. It’s a shame what the Indian population as a whole does with its animals, although Indians are not the only ones to mistreat or ignore their animals, not by far. Nevertheless, I wish for more people like those at the Animal Aid Foundation to rescue and lovingly bring back to life such wonderful creatures.

  • Geoff

    The video about Perry, the starving dog, mad me smile SO big!! I have NEVER smiled that big in my whole life! Just look, at the LOVE that Perry has inside of him that he’s giving out to everyone he comes into contact with???? I’ve never seen a dog with as much love stored up as this one, makes me smile, reallllyy BIG!!

  • Arif

    You guys are just amazing.

    God Bless you all

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