A puppy’s amazing rescue after getting trapped in tar

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She’s the sweetest little angel you’ve ever seen. All four of her delicate little legs were stuck together in tar and she was completely unable to move except for her head. She had no idea what had happened to her and she was trembling with fear.

The 3 month old darling had been playing near a patch of road that was being repaired when all of a sudden she found herself stuck right to the road, her tiny little legs unable to free herself. A young boy playing in the neighborhood saw her struggling and managed to pull her off the road and bring her safely to his home where he then called us to the rescue.

It was 9 o’clock at night when we got her back to the shelter but we couldn’t wait a moment to begin the vegetable oil and bath treatments to remove the tar.

After two oil and bath treatments that night, we let her get a good night’s rest and then gave two more treatments the next day, getting all the tar off except for a few small patches.

Sometimes people say that helping animals is thankless work because animals can’t talk, but if there was ever an animal to show otherwise it’s this little sweetheart. Just watch the ending of the video above!

She is now back with her mother now and she lives right outside the house of the little boy who saved her. The boy’s family feeds her and is ready to call us right away if she ever gets into trouble again.

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  • elly

    Thanks again you very sweet people with a heart for animals. I will keep helping you as much as i can.
    I love you all, with deep respect.
    Elly from the Netherlands.

  • fran

    If it wasn’t for he young boy who spotted her, pulled her off the road and caring for her before the AAUI came to help, outcome could have been disastrous. I wish the boy can see the happy puppy again.

    Everyone at AAUI is wonderful!

  • Janelle

    Thank you for protecting and caring for our beings!

  • Honour

    A wonderful rescue and heart warming, joyful ending! Thank you for being angels for animals.

  • Raphael

    I love this place!!

  • Clayde Aragon

    Nice to see all of you including the little boy who help this little gorgeous brave puppy, please! Continue helping those animals need our help, thanks again for the good heart… thinking making donation just to help a little.

  • Joyce

    You are angels from God. Keep up the good work. I give a little to your group every month though I do not have much money. Thanks to you from me in Utah in the USA.

  • Sergio

    You are the best i m from Argentina anda i Watch Your video. Thanks. You bring me Love from far far Away tks bro! Tks!!

  • Ieva

    Omg. It`s so sweet than U help other animals of mether how he look . ; ) i always wone`t to help other animals . ; ) U`re the sweetes`t peoples what i ever seen.


  • Noelle

    Just saw one of your videos for the first time a few days ago and had to make a donation. You guys are beautiful people. Thank you for helping these little sweeties. You guys are really incredible.

  • Ann Marie Brochu

    Thank you all for everything you do for these beautiful appreciative souls, they know when they are being helped and rescued.

  • Sarah

    Can we adopt one of your dogs back to the UK???

  • tais

    Its the most amazing job. I got a dog which was lost, he is with distemper. Please could u tell me what can I do to help him? Have u heard abt Ribavirina? Also I want to know how can I help with money the Animal Aid.
    Miss Tais from Brasil

  • adonis

    i am praous with your so great work …you are angels in the world keep walking.ill try to help with your great work..last video when i saw the dog pupie in road that almost die and when you give a a tender caress the pupie it so happy ican believe…i would like if i have the oportunity to adoption this pupie …..???

  • anja

    Can we adopt two of your dogs back to Spain?
    Thank you and waiting for your answer


  • sukanya ghosh

    You guys are doing great job.God bless you. i am also doing same kind of work in kolkata, but individually.

  • Siva

    You guys are doing superb please continue doing this

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