A miracle friend for Stacey

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Simon and Stacey

Simon and Stacey

When Stacey, our beautiful pig with paralyzed hind legs, got shifted to a paddock she shares with Stampella, the orphaned donkey filly and her companion donkey Teddy Bear, life was sweet, but we often felt Stacey, by 8 months old, must be yearning for a pig friend. The 3 other pigs we have are giants, and used to ruling and calling every shot. We didn’t feel t it would be safe for Stacey to share space with them; and also, she needs a sandy flooring to minimize the risk of pressure sores since she can’t pick up her hind end.

Lo! Who came along? Simon came along, and it is a true marvel of the cosmos: Simon is about exactly Stacey’s age and size, with almost the exact same hind-leg problem. We cordoned off an area for Simon for the first few weeks–he was and is very shy of people–so that the two could get used to each other with a little safety barrier. A few days ago we supervised their first “total access” meeting and it’s been huddles and cuddles ever since.

Stacey and Simon are now close friends. We are not able to touch Simon–but he has relaxed a great deal around humans now, probably thanks to Stacey’s example, and lets us all potter about at ease, while he ignores us and focuses most of his attention on Stacey. Right now they are in what you might call the “getting-to-know-you stage” of their relationship, comparing corn to potatoes, gossiping about Softy, the pushy black shelter dog who puts his nose through the fence, and wondering why, all of a sudden, the people they meet are so nice!


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  • Beatriz

    It’s always good to have a friend !!

    I am so happy for them !!

  • Sarawen

    Awww, Simon and Stacey! So beautiful together. Thank you for helping these two!

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