A Mangel’s incredible recovery

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Hurt to healed, body and soul, this precious girl has gone from covered in sores and bleeding to soft as velvet and happy as can be. She was literally scratching herself to death when we rescued her and had lost all of her fur.


We immediately began treating her with anti-inflamitories to help relieve her painful skin and stop the itching, ivermectin to stop the mange, antibiotics and medicated baths.


Rescued on May 15th, 2015, with just one month of vigorous treatment she has made this phenomenal recovery.




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  • Sylvain Galant

    You are all amazing!
    Please never give up doing this wonderful saves.
    thank you for being there for all those poor animals.


  • frank linares


  • Connie

    My sister and I were in India last year and could find no where to donate for any organization. Thank God with the story about the tar covered dog, we can now donate. We took food from our breakfast buffet, filled our fanny packs (yes, we’re old, we still use them) and fed the starving dogs. We felt if we could make them feel a little better before they passed away, then we’d give up our food for them. We have tried several places to donate to your cause, and none of the donation sites are working.

    I am so thankful for people like you. Keep up the good work.

  • Barbara pickering

    I have been privileged to visit your beautiful country. My sister and I found two starving puppies on the street. We sneaked meat from our hotel buffet to feed them. We also saw awful cases of mange on street dogs. I swore that if I ever found a charity that does grassroots work among the animals I would do what I could to help. Bless you all for the great work you do.

  • Lenore

    Wow, you really are doing amazing work there in Udaipur. I know it is difficult and emotional to see the suffering but the animals and animal lovers of the world say a huge thank you.

  • antonia

    Thank you, you lovely kind people!! You are making such a difference in the world……I can’t thank you enough for inspiring me to do my best to help animals of all kinds. My work exists because of people like you. Much love and admiration.

  • Jill Walker

    You guys are awesome! I do animal rescue here in the U.S. so I can appreciate what you all go through over there. Keep up the great work!

  • fernando amarillo

    I am happy to know that there is still hope for dogs who are suffering from severe mange. I have also a dog who is on that same level of illness. She is a dachshund mix and is suffering from mange for quite a while now. I tried everything I know thru reading about its treatment and have gone to vets, even administered ivermectin to her but to no avail. Today I bumped your website and was able to see the dog healed from the illness and was amazed by it… I am writing to ask help on what to do to my dog so that she can recover of her illness.. I am willing to get instruction on how to administer medicine to my dog. thanks

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