A drowning dog’s wish comes true

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It looked like she’d been struggling in the water, trying to stay alive, for hours. She repeatedly grasped with claws we later found were bleeding, trying desperately to hold on to the only jagged piece of rock she could find. She was rapidly losing her strength, and as her rescuer Ganpat descended the 70 foot well, we could see that she was minutes away from giving in to her exhaustion. When he reached the water she clearly seemed to understand that this is the man who will save her life…

Watch as this shy, darling girl sends out her passionate plea for life, and her plea is answered.

Please donate. We can’t do this without your help.

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  • Cindy

    God bless you!!!! You and your families deserve all the wonderfulness in the world! You are SAINTS. You are ANGELS for dedicating your lives to save these amazing and beautiful animals who deserve lives well lived and people who love and cherish them.

  • Elizabeth Bennett

    Thank-you Ganpat for saving this beautiful life! Such a fantastic team at Animal Aid. I am so happy to support your cause.

  • louisa byrd

    Thank you for saving her beautiful life. How is she doing. What did you name her. God bless you all. Love you so much.???

  • Cheryl A Allen

    I would adopt her if possible to florida united states

  • Elizabeth Goudge

    Bless you for your hard work and compassion.

  • Jet Auer

    Thank you for everything you do. I am so happy to make my monthly donation to you. It is certainly money well spent. – Jet

  • Barb

    THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GOD BLESS EVEY ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bernadine Scaife

    How I love you all for everything that you do.You make my world a brighter place.XXX

  • Marta

    She is a beautiful and sweet dog. We hope she will find a loving home soon. Too much blessings for all of you who saved her!

  • Lesley

    You truly are angels. Bless all of you for what you have done and are doing for the animals. Without you, there would be no hope for them.

  • Milene Johnson

    Thank you for all you do for these animals

  • Hollie Hollon

    You and your team do miracles and all us animal lovers THANK YOU ALL!!


  • Gosia

    God bless you all for saving sweet girl and god bless you for all the work you do for all of heaven’s lil’ angels. For angels they are and you are their guardians. I am so happy to support your work and will always support your group.

  • Phillip R.

    You are marvelous people all of you who work at this center of love and hope for all the creatures you rescue. All animals should be cherished and all who abuse them punished severely or eradicated(repeat offenders).

    I love animals deeply but adore dogs just s little more as if there is a God then God is truly in them all they know is love and are here to help improve our often difficult loves.
    Again Blessings sent your way 🙂

  • Carole Wilson

    God bless you all and all the animals who need your support.
    With Charity organisations like Animal Aid perhaps one day animals around the world will be seen as living beings who deserve to be treated with love and care.
    I thank you for your successful rescue for a deserving creature of this world.

  • miss lesley herbert

    Hi I am lesley and I already give 3 pounds in sterling I would like to give you 5 pounds each month instead of 3 pounds that I give now

  • Sheena

    Thank you for the work you do.

  • lisa kuhn

    hello, i will be sending you a check for $200 from where i live in france; tried to donate online and had problems…
    anyway, may i donate this money in honor of the drowning dog and in memorium of my lovely cocker, raleigh, the love of my life? i will note that when i send my check. if i cd be the drowning dog’s godmother that wd be great!!

    i wd also like to ask a favor of anyone who can help. it is a bit strange but it wd help me a lot.

    i live outside paris; had to leave sf, ca as i cdnt get health care; left 19 yrs ago. now live with 2 dogs, 2 shelter cats, and 2 rescue cats (brother and sister) plus 2 hens for eggs. i am sick and also disabled w a rare illness, ehlers-danlos type hypermobile. there is info on wikipedia, etc. i also have other illnesses. these are getting worse and i am fearful of becoming paralysed. what i am asking is to have someone ‘adopt’ me. NO money involved!!! i don’t need money, thanks be to god, but i am more or less all alone in the world w my animal babies and am so isolated. i don’t want to eventually die unloved, unmourned, unknown, just as i don’t want that for the animals! i have a b.a. cum lauded in comparative literature, a teaching credential in english, fr, and spanish, and a love of art, travel, reading, making jewelry/studying lapidary, nature and nature films, redwood trees, fashion, antiques, cooking (can’t do much now), architecture, learning about the world, activism,helping others….but especially loving animals! i don’t have the energy to write a lot, but can sometimes, and can chat on the phone (i can call). i wd like to be someone’s friend, ‘aunt’, god daughter/godmother….or just kindred spirit. i am inspired by ghandi and pope francis. if you share any of these things, and can maybe play some compassionate role in my life,i wd be so grateful. i like all ages, but feel young…i think i never quite felt mothered, like an old kitty left at the shelter always wondering if her forever family would ever come. i am still waiting. i know there are wonderful people out there. i am also a good person. i hope someone can answer me… god bless. namaste. lisa 33 139759573

  • surabhi sisodia

    I wish I could be a part of this team. All the best wishes for you rich hearted people. keep doing this forever. I will try my best to support this cause.

  • Lizbeth

    Gracias a este gran equipo por la ayuda que brindan a los animalitos, Dios los bendiga siempre.

  • Tamara Heikalo

    I am wondering why these open wells are not fenced. I have seen too many of these videos. What about the animals that are NOT discovered, or are found too late? There seem to be far too many wells and pits that are without some kind of guard against animals falling in.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have profound respect for the people who attend to all these animals.

  • Sommer

    I just wanna thank u gugs your videos are heart warming.. Ive cried watching them all keep up the good work thank

  • Supachanya

    Thanks to the rescuers..you are the real human.

  • Kharen

    Thank you so much for savings animal life god bless you

  • elly

    God bless you is fine, but it’s better to donate. They can save more animals!

  • Frady Family

    Thank you all for all you do in rescuing animals. Glad to support such cause. God bless you all

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