A dog’s courage prevails after his paw is crushed in a trap

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He had stepped on an illegal wildlife hunter’s iron claw trap and it had brutally crushed his paw. Initially we had hoped we might be able to save his paw, but by the second day it became clear that would not be possible. The trap had been cutting off circulation to his paw for so long that the tissue had become necrotic and could not be saved. We had to amputate his leg to stop the spread of infection from the necrosis.

But this courageous dog made a beautiful recovery after the amputation and has no problem getting around on 3 legs.

We reported the cruelty to the police so that it is on record, though without any leads or information it will be very difficult to find the person who laid the trap. We are currently trying to find out where the metal trap is made in Udaipur.

Please donate to give life-saving help to animals in their greatest hour of need.

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  • aman

    Is he okay no w?
    Adopted or sponsored ?

  • Katrina

    Oh that poor dog, the pain must have been horrific. Thank you for saving him, wonderful work.

  • Angelle

    This is so sad,I’m a young girl who can’t donate but I WILL donate sometime. This is an amazing website program here. Dogs so need lots of saving. I love this. Poor dogs getting abused neglected and starved to death. Whoever put the medal trap should DIE… For real. And I saw all the posts so far. And I thank the people who are doing this and I hope the people who caused he dog so much pain will DIE IN VAIN…

  • AngelleTheDowgLover

    If I can donate, the most I can donate is $25 I think

  • Susan

    I am so angry why would anybody put a trap like that out what are they trying to trap? Or is it just to be cruel because obviously they don’t stick around to see what they captured. I have balled my eyes out for the last hour over this and the other videos especially the dog trapped in a fence. These animals are sweet and helpless and do nothing but love people they are our companions how can anyone hurt them?! I want to sponsor but I can’t watch these videos anymore they just break my heart.

  • Frances

    Oh – what courage these dogs have, unbelievable stoicism. Thank you and bless all you earth angels devoting your time energy and so much love to these creatures. I have only discovered Animal Aid India recently.
    Love n light x

  • Elizabeth Goudge

    Such wickedness to leave such traps around. No creature deserves to suffer the way this dog did. Such wnderful work you do – thank you and bless you.

  • Jennifer

    The inhumanity of some humans never fails to enrage and sadden me. Just what was the person who laid the trap trying to catch? It seemed to be very close to where people are, what if that horrible thing had caught a child. I’m so glad the dog was rescued and I know will be well looked after. Also, all power the people who chased the cow with the rope round its neck. Four hours to catch her! Well done. Long may you all continue.

  • Linda Eduarte


  • Amanda

    I already donate, you do a fantastic job, some of these stories make me cry I’m so glad that there are people like you to help these beautiful animals.

  • Peggy

    You are all amazing with the way you handle these wounded & scared animals. You make it look easy. Once the animals are in your care I’ve never seen one of these animals look scared or panicked, only trusting. I’d love to come volunteer on my vacation. I know I would learn a lot! Thank you all for everything you do.
    Beautiful job with the kittens!!!

  • MJ

    Your stories are reaching us in the United States of America. Both of my parents are from Mumbai and to hear the about the selfless acts of services you are offering helpless animals in India is amazing. All of you are pioneers in your acts of bravery and I am proud to know that people do care about animals in India as well. God bless all of you and keep up the great work.

  • Fiona Jane Kelly

    You are all amazing your courageous is inspirational. Thank you for loving and caring for these animals. To see the transformations from ill and injured to happy and healthy is incredible. You all make me have faith in the good of humanity.

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